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19 August 2019

Intrepid investigator Alexa Crowe goes undercover to flush out a killer who struck in a restaurant

Murder leaves a foul taste, as Alexa (Lucy Lawless) discovers when she’s assigned the case of the cooking school killer!

As anyone who’s watched MasterChef knows, the intense world of culinary excellence is intense, motivating Alexa to dig deeper and grill the suspects to nd out who made mincemeat of a promising young chef.

Going undercover in the kitchen, Alexa’s suspicions land on Brenda (Lisa Hensley), the main instructor. Brenda’s very

exacting in the standards she demands of all her students – and it appears she may have burned one of them once too often...

As Alexa sifts through the ingredients for the truth, she uncovers a soup of lies, blackmail and reinvention. All these clues eventually lead to the killer, but the only problem is Alexa’s more interested in the gelatine infusion setting before her eyes… and that could blow the lid off her investigation!

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