This article is from the AUSXIP News Archive and it's from the NZ newspaper "The Sunday News" from 2007.


Lawless reveals gay- crush
Sunday News
8 Apr 2007

THAT Lucy Lawless sure knows how to push the right buttons!

The kick- butt babe who brought us Xena: Warrior Princess – and has more recently been signed to star as Tanya in the US version of Footballers’ Wives – has her thousands of lesbian fans in a lather.

The Kiwi star told the gay webcaster PlanetOut that if she was gay for the weekend, she’d want to go out with Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island, "Because I reckon Mary Ann was secretly a very bad girl".

If that isn’t enough to get the sisters in a sweat, she also reveals her first celebrity crush was on a cartoon character, then a Bee Gee who both seemed a little, well, you know!

"My first celebrity crush was on Choo Choo the pink cat in Topcat."

"I just had this incredible ... you know, funnily enough, now this is an interesting thing about me, he sounded kind of gay."

"Then the Bee Gee that I really liked was Robin, who seemed kind of gay. So what is it about me and gays?"

"Truly four out of five of my friends in LA are gay. Why do I pursue them?’’ she asked.