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Welcome to the Lucy Lawless Football Wives News &  Multimedia Fan Site.
Here you will find articles, video clips, screencaptures of Lucy from the ABC TV series
Football Wives. Football Wives tracks three ordinary women's lives as they are transformed by the celebrity and fortune that come with marriage to sports superstars.

10 August 2007

Football Wives Episode Stills / Photoshoot

Added high resolution images of Lucy from Football Wives. Many thanks to LB for the images.

14 Episode Stills
4 Official Photos



29 May 2007

In a recent interview Lucy said the following about why Football Wives was not picked up

Weren’t you supposed to be playing Tanya Turner in the US version of Footballers’ Wives?

Yes but we called her Tanya Austin. We were supposed to follow Grey’s Anatomy, which is a huge hit, on the autumn schedule. Then we were told that the show had been cancelled because the National Football League weren’t happy about it. Our show was just entertainment, a spoof, but they were very concerned about keeping up appearances and pretending they aren’t real people like the rest of us. I had so much Machiavellian stuff to do, I wanted to make her seem real – I was going to play her like Tony Soprano. I talked to a shrink to help me figure the character out. I wanted her to be rock-solid believable so I’m very disappointed it’s not happening now.

16 May 2007

Football Wives Fallout...

The outcry of ABC's decision not to pick up Football Wives has been met with disbelief (and not just from fans). There are also some suggestions/rumours/chat that TPTB may be trying to find a new home...keep your fingers crossed.

Lucy's conspiracy theory isn't so out there since many people are now voicing those same concerns. If ABC knew that having this show would annoy the heck out of the NFL (and it seems they have the NFL contract and the little darlings are so thin skinned that they find a campy drama too much for them...give me a break. Soccer didn't have a problem with Footballer Wives)..why did it give it a go ahead to film the pilot?

Something is not quite right here. Either someone at ABC is beyond dumb and heads will roll over this wastage OR someone at ABC decided to nab the show before anyone else got it and thus they would have lost just seems so very very odd. I have zero knowledge of how it works in Hollywood but to someone living on the other side of the's just plain obscene about wasting so much money. Spending millions on a pilot, hiring some great actors and all that talent only to shelve it because they got weak at the knees when the NFL got all uppity? Didn't they know they had the NFL contract?

Check out the following news sites:

  • Cyber Hermit ABC, NFL End FOOTBALL WIVES Season Before It Begins
    ...Various sources are indicating that word began filtering down to ABC
    from the gods at the NFL that they were not pleased. No, not pleased
    at all. They did not think that a fictional television show would
    create a good image for the league. Yeah, forget the fact that they
    have non-fictional players getting busted for drug use, spouse abuse,
    assault, weapons charges and DUIs. No, the NFL apparently was more
    concerned about the fictional acts of fictional characters in a
    fictional television show. Word came from the gods that they were
    displeased enough that their displeasure might influence future
    football contracts for ABC and ESPN, the sports sister of ABC. So, the
    mere mortals of ABC grabbed their balls, tucked them neatly into their
    bags, broke their date with "Football Wives" and cowered away....
  • Did NFL lean on ABC to scrub football soap?
    USA Today - USA
    We know that the cast included Ving Rhames, Lucy Lawless, James Van Der Beek and a real football wife, Holly Robinson Peete. ...
  • Wives Drop-Kicked Out of ABC
    Stage - London,London,UK
    ... British indie producer Shed, who were in the throes of birthing Footballers’ Wives for the Disney owned ABC network across the pond as Football Wives. ...
  • AOL Sports - Disney Backs Down to NFL, Won't Show 'Football Wives'



14 May 2007

The Jeers of the Week goes to ABC for not picking up Football Wives. Normally I wouldn't care if a soap got picked up or not (I don't watch them - soaps and reality TV - ick!) but this was Lucy in the lead role so I cared. Ah well what can you say. It was just not meant to be. We don't know what's in store for Lucy but we sure as heck will watch and follow her to find out. Upward and onward Lucy!

Check out Lucy's site for a message from Lucy about ABC not picking up FW.

IGN also can't believe it - click here to read their article




13 May 2007

Rumours, rumours and then some more rumours...don't you just love this waiting around for news if FW will be picked up? The lastest rumour is from the Television Without Pity forums.

"Football Wives tested very highly, but it seems it's suffering the same fate as Secrets Of A Small Town, another high testing drama with a great cast from the last season that wasn't picked up mainly due to costs.

ABC was discouraged by the high costs, and decided to pick some worser testing, but cheaper pilots (Cashemere Mafia and Woman's Murder Club), instead of Football Wives and Marlowe, another high testing and buzzed pilot.

Since midseason shows are usually cheaper and low-budget as they usually fail, I think it's safe to say the American remake is dead."

11 May 2007


There has been some speculation on what the ABC fall schedule will look like over on the TV Guide site. If the rumours are correct, Football Wives will be following that powerhouse show Grey's Anatomy.

From the TV Guide site
Many thanks to Noa for the news

ABC's (Rumored) New Fall Schedule

ABC doesn't officially unveil its fall sked until Tuesday, but here's one version making the rounds...

8 - Ugly Betty
9 - Grey's Anatomy
10 - Football Wives

7 May 2007

The following is from

Football Wives (ABC) — This trashy, campy British dramedy is finally making its way over to American shores. There's no guarantee it'll get lesbian on us, but you can all take heart: Lucy Lawless plays the series' ruthless diva, Tanya Austin.

Hollywood Reporter - 7 May 2007 -- ABC, which is rumored to pick up four to six one-hour pilots, is said to be proceeding with high-level staffing on two dramas, "Pushing Daisies" and the untitled Jon Feldman project -- a sign that the shows might be joining the "Grey's Anatomy" spinoff on the schedule next season. Also hot is drama "Marlowe," which recently received an order for two additional scripts and is now lining up series directors, as well as "Dirty Sexy Money." "Cashmere Mafia," "Eli Stone" and "Football Wives" also are believed to be in contention. "Sam I Am," "Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office," "The Thick of It" and "The Middle" are getting buzz on the comedy side. Read more...
Many thanks to LB for the news


3 May 2007

Episode News

2 May 2007

ABC will announce the new fall schedule on 15 May. That's when we will find out if officially when/if FW has been picked up. - Many thanks to LB for the news

The following was posted on the Zap2It forum. Don't know who the person is but it sounds quite promising for the show - Many thanks to Jenn for the news

  • Posted by ProudBoy - Zap2It Forum
    "I've just received word that the edit of Football Wives went well, and that ABC execs think they have a hit on their hands. Of course, more market research will help to determine that -- but usually if the execs at ABC like it, it is a go."

1 May 2007

Cast Update

20 April 2007

Lucy Pic update

Lucy's site has been updated with a new pic from the set of Football Wives. There is also an update about the Roxy DVD with some additional news of the extras on the DVD.

Click here for more info

FW Articles

I'm not quite sure by this article if this means they have picked up Football Wives as a series but that's how it reads to me (and with the recent new pic of Lucy on the set of Football Wives being an indication since they finished filming the pilot around 29 March)

27 March 2007

New Section - Spoilers

  • Added a new section - Spoilers. For those that don't want to be spoilt..don't read.


26 March 2007

First Pic of Lucy as Tanya Austin

Lucy has sent in the first of her as Tanya Austin - the photo was taken in her trailer. This reminds me of the time Lucy guest starred on the X-files and how she went into the wrong trailer thinking it was hers. Click here to read about that (the quote is on page 2)...wonder what this trailer is like...Click here to view the larger scan on Lucy's site


Casting News


24 March 2007

Casting News

  • In Soap Opera Digest this week it says the Kelly Monaco(currently Sam on General Hospital) will have a guest starring role in the pilot.
    many thanks to LB for the news


21 March 2007

Zap2It reports that Spencer Garrett has been cast in the show. Role not known at this time.

19 March 2007

New Lucy Blog Entry about Football Wives:

...I am just so thrilled to be working with this amazing director (Bryan Singer) and cast. I really dig working with Bryan, what a pleasure. I will be forever grateful to Marco Pennette for kicking my arse into gear. Thank God that ABC had the foresight to pick up on this sensational British series. We are all hoping to make good on its promise so that the network will see fit to take it to series.

Click here to read more

12 March 2007

Holly Robinson Peete will be on Oprah tomorrow (and she may talk about Football Wives) - the following was posted on her blog

  • Oprah Show tomorrow!!!
    "Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete"; Two Determined dads never give up; the hectic lives of football player. March 13, 2007 3pm ABC television (check your local listings)

8 March 2007

The following is from Holly Robinson Peete who has been cast in FW. Holly wrote the following in her MySpace Blog:

I've begun filming on a new pilot for ABC which is a US version of the UK hit series, Footballers' Wives! A subject I know all too well!!! :-) Below is the press spot on the new show and the cast. I play the mother of Brian J White's character and mother in law to the beautiful Gabrielle Union's character!! Stay Tuned for more info to come!
many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

7 March 2007

Cast Update

New cast member Holly Robinson Peete
Reuters: Wed Mar 7, 2007 3:48AM EST
- Holly Robinson Peete has joined ABC's drama pilot "Football Wives," which follows the wives of professional football players. Robinson Peete will play the mother of the star wide receiver (Brian White).

Click here for more casting news

6 March 2007

Cast Update

Van Der Beek playing ABC "Football" rookie

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Former "Dawson's Creek" star James Van Der Beek has joined ABC's drama pilot "Football Wives," which revolves around women whose lives are transformed when they marry NFL superstars. Van Der Beek will play a rookie; he recently did a two-episode arc on CBS' "Criminal Minds."

Click here for more casting news


1 March 2007

Cast Update

The Hollywood Reporter & Reuters reports that Kebbel takes field in "Football Wives"  Wed Feb 28, 2007

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Arielle Kebbel has joined the starting lineup of ABC's one-hour pilot "Football Wives," which revolves around women whose lives are transformed when they marry NFL superstars.

Kebbel will play the younger sister of one of the wives ("Lost" co-star Kiele Sanchez) who adapts quickly to her sister's new lifestyle. Kebbel's feature credits include "John Tucker Must Die" and "The Grudge 2."

Click here to see the rest of the cast

28 February 2007

I received the following note from David Fuller from Hollywood Minute:

Hello from Hollywood!

Thought you and your site’s readers might like to know that Lucy Lawless is being mentioned on tomorrow’s edition (Wednesday the 28th) of Dave’s Hollywood Minute. There’s a quick story about the new show Football Wives and a mention that Lucy’s set to star in it.  You can visit to hear the show.

Hope you’re having a fantastic day.

All the best!
David Fuller



26 February 2007

Casting News

The following is from the Hollywood Reporter:

Eddie Cibrian landed a role in ABC's drama pilot "Football Wives,"

"Wives," from ABC TV Studio, revolves around the wives of professional football players. Cibrian, who most recently starred on Fox's "Vanished," will play a quarterback who cheats on his wife (Lucy Lawless).

Click here to see the rest of the cast


24 February 2007


  • The New York Blade - 23 February 2007
    Gay men and lesbians both have reason to rejoice with ABC’s upcoming casting moves. ABC is planning a remake of the campy British soap “Footballers Wive$,” a gay cult hit on BBC America and DVD about professional athletes and their devious women. The network just announced that the role of lead diva will be played by none other than Xena herself, lesbian icon Lucy Lawless, who will portray Tanya Turner, the coke-snorting, bed-hopping, man-eating ringleader. Read more
    Many thanks to Jock for the news


22 February 2007

Cast Update

  • The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Ving Rhames is set to star in Football Wives. Rhames will play the GM of a football team.

21 February 2007


Lucy's Role

  • Lucy's character has a name change from Tanya Turner to Tanya Austin.

Character Info update

20 February 2007

Lucy's Blog - FootBall Wives excerpt:

Lucy's latest blog on her official site has a little about Football Wives:

"Also I am in a rigorous training schedule for Football Wives.  Mama Rose* has signed me up for ballet!  Believe it or not, she has.  And my calves are killing me!  I am also working with a trainer.  I can't believe it myself. Funny that the week my youngest child gets accepted into school, this job moves into my life like a freight train. Next week I am supposed to be doing “chemistry reads” to find the right guy to play my husband. My colleagues so far are Gabrielle Union and newly cast Kellie Sanchez, who I hear are wonderful women so I'm looking forward to meeting them."

*[Mama Rose is Lucy's nickname for her friend Marissa Jaret Winokur]

Click here to read the rest of Lucy's blog

Lucy Radio Interview - Football Wives mention

Lucy was on Bob Guiney On the Radio 19 February 2007 - Lucy discussed about various topics and Football Wives was discussed: download mp3 - 6.1 mb | download wma - 3.2 mb

Football Wives - Lucy said she turned down the role for weeks. She doesn't play wives. Lucy knew it's going to be a hit and she didn't want to go long term so she kept turning it down. She said she usually chose roles that she knew wouldn't be successful. She knows Football Wives will successful.

They chased her so hard and Lucy liked the people and she decided to say yes. She is playing an extremely hard, tough woman and she pushes her husband to be a big football star. The characters do everything that is repugnent to Lucy and finds she finds the women repellent. it was another reason she turned it down because the women were so bitchy but in the end she had to do it.


14 February 2007

Casting News

  • "Lost" co-star Kiele Sanchez is in final negotiations to join ABC's drama pilot "Football Wives," which revolves around women whose lives are transformed when they marry NFL superstars. Sanchez will play the pregnant wife of a rising football star, a good-natured woman with a secret. The casting is in second position to her role on "Lost," which she joined this season in the recurring role of Nikki. Click here for more about the casting of Football Wives



13 February 2007

Background Information on Tanya Turner (Lucy's Role)

  • Added some background info on Lucy's role as Tanya Turner - now this may or may not apply in the US version of the show. The info is from the official footballers Wives site for the UK version.

More news reports of Lucy's new role as Tanya Turner in Football Wives

  • - Best. Lesbianish. Day. Ever. Blog
    Lucy Lawless Now a Footballers Wife. Hot off the presses: the former Warrior Princess has just been cast as the scheming, bitchy Tanya in the ABC drama series pilot Footballers Wives. In the hit British series of the same name, Tanya is the alpha wife who terrorizes everyone - the Joan Collins character, in Dynasty-speak. The press release describes her character simply as sexy "but not as sophisticated as she thinks she is." So like Victoria Beckham. But sexy.
  • Lawless and Singer team up for Brit adaptation
    The Advocate - Los Angeles,CA,USA
    Lucy Lawless is slated to play an athlete's spouse in an upcoming ABC series from out director Brian Singer. According to Variety, Lawless will play Tanya, ...
  • 'King,' 'Queen,' Win Big at BAFTAs
    Entertainment Weekly - USA
    Former Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless has been cast in the pilot for Football Wives, ABC's version of the hit British series Footballers Wive$. ...

12 February 2007

News of Lucy's role as Tanya Turner

  • Variety Magazine - 11 February 2007
    ABC: Casting
    -- Lucy Lawless has been cast in one of the lead roles for Bryan Singer's Touchstone-produced "Football Wives." She'll play Tanya, who in the original Blighty skein was the ruthless, bitchy spouse of bad boy Jason Turner. Lawless, who broke through in the States as the star of "Xena: Warrior Princess," more recently has had a recurring role on Sci Fi Channel's "Battlestar Galactica."
  • Reuters 12 February 2007 Lawless in a sporting mood for ABC pilot - Mon Feb 12, 2007
    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Lucy Lawless, also known as "Xena: Warrior Princess," has been tapped for one of the leads in ABC's drama pilot "Football Wives." Her character, who's married to a professional football player, is sexy but not as sophisticated as she thinks she is. Lawless recently appeared on the Sci Fi Channel's "Battlestar Galactica."
Cast Update

  • FOOTBALL WIVES (ABC) - Brian White ("Stomp the Yard") is the latest addition to the drama pilot, a U.S. version of the famed U.K. soap. He'll play Kyle, the wide receiver fiance of Gabrielle Union's character.
  • FOOTBALL WIVES (ABC) - "Night Stalker" alum Gabrielle Union has joined the cast of the drama pilot, a U.S. version of the popular British soap about three ordinary women's lives as they are transformed by the celebrity and fortune that come with marriage to sports superstars. She'll play Chardonnay Lane, a rich Park Avenue model-turned-recording artist who is engaged to a star wide receiver. Union's casting stems from a talent holding deal the actress signed with ABC and producer Touchstone Television earlier this year.

9 February 2007

Welcome to the new subsite for Lucy's new tv series "Football Wives"

Lucy has posted a note about her latest show on her own site:

"I am playing a lead role in a new ABC show called Footballers' Wives....Their other best friend, Marco Penette, the show's producer, and Mike McDonald, show executive and Rob's colleague from Herc and Xena, days both rang me and demanded I come in and at least try the role on for size. I did and I guess it fit pretty good because five minutes after leavng the Network, I had the job. I hadn't even fired up up the P-Bird in the parking lot...Click here to read more of Lucy's message on her official site

The following was posted on Sharon's Official Xena Fan Club Page:

Lucy just signed on to star in an ABC-TV series called Footballers Wives!  Directing the pilot will be Bryan Singer.  It is based on the British series of the same name.  She plays the head wife who, as she just told me, is the brains behind the brawn.

Some articles about this show

It appears the American version will be called FOOTBALL WIVES instead of Footballers Wives which is the British version.