The Lucy PSA was released on 8th March. This is a newly released press release with updated info because the Court will rule Tuesday, May 26, 2009, on the challenge to Proposition 8.

Lucy Lawless, Eva Tamargo Support Equal Marriage Rights PSA

"The Difference" Public Service Announcement Promotes Equal Marriage Rights Featuring Actors Lucy Lawless and Eva Tamargo.


Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 24, 2009 -- Actors Lucy Lawless and Eva Tamargo are featured in an English and Spanish-language public service announcement (PSA) that was launched on the internet in support of gay marriage. The ad campaign is sponsored by California Equality NOW, an advocacy group comprised of independent filmmakers, to promote equal marriage rights. The PSA's are currently airing on websites such as and The Difference has been in the "Top Plays" category on since its release.

In May of 2008, the California Supreme Court held that same-sex couples have the fundamental right to marry as other Californians. Unfortunately, Proposition 8, a measure on the November 2008 ballot, amended the state's constitution to define marriage between one man and one woman. No other ballot initiative has ever changed the California Constitution to remove rights from a targeted minority group.

Jennifer Medvin, Writer/Producer of The Difference, states that the script was inspired by questions she continually receives on a daily basis. "I think the many differences between marriage and domestic partnership should have been addressed before the vote last year, but at least we can inform people now," states Medvin. "We just have to move forward and support the organizations that continue the fight for our community."

The PSA's contain video clips of straight couples denied equality to show that domestic partnerships are not equal to marriage.

Lucy Lawless, who is prominently featured in the English PSA version, is best known for her role as "Xena: Warrior Princess." When asked why she decided to narrate the PSA, Lawless responded, "I got involved because fairness is for everyone!"

"We appreciate the actor's generosity in donating their time and talents to help us publicize this injustice," Director/Producer Karen Wilkens said. "This means so much, not only to the LGBT community, but also the people of the State of California."

The Court will rule Tuesday, May 26, 2009, on the challenge to Proposition 8. If the court upholds the measure, it must also decide how the proposition affects the marriages of about 18,000 same-sex couples who wed before the November 4 election. Currently, Iowa, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine and Connecticut allow gay and lesbian couples to legally wed. Another seven states are set to vote on similar moves later this year, including New York and New Jersey.


Jennifer Medvin

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