The following article about Angel of Death, the web series starring Zoe Bell and Lucy as her next door neighbour, Vera, was posted in The West Australian newspaper today. It suggests that Angel of Death will have a second season.

Unfortunately for Lucy fans, it doesn't look like Lucy will be back as Vera as she was killed in the first season.

The Western Australian 1 June 2009 - Sony to repackage Web series as movie

Sony's television division has repackaged its Web series Angel of Death as a full-length movie, a new strategy to make Internet productions profitable by airing them on television and by selling DVDs. The 10-episode action thriller, first shown on the company's video site in March, will air as a 90- minute film July 25 on Viacom's Spike TV, and a DVD will be in stores July 28, Eric Berger, who oversees digital networks at Sony Pictures Television, said in an interview two weeks ago.

Angel of Death, featuring Zoe Bell and Lucy Lawless, is the story of an assassin who turns on her employers. To be profitable, the show must meet ratings expectations on Spike and sell well in stores, in addition to the ad sales on, Mr Berger said. Sony, which spent about $1 million making Angel of Death, is developing a second season.

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Find out more about Lucy's role by going to the Lucy Lawless Angel of Death subsite - Lucy appeared in episodes 6 and 9 of the web series.

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