Here's a round up of Lucy mentions so far this week from various sites around the net.

Total - 2 June 2009

The 25 Women Who Shook Sci-Fi

The sci-fi and fantasy genres have been marked by many iconic heroines. Some are striking for their leadership and bravery, others for their incredible sexiness, many for both. Following lengthy debate, Total Sci-Fi now reveals the 25 most important SF & fantasy heroines of all time. We've limited ourselves to TV and film - SF and fantasy literature probably warrants a further list all of its own - and in those instances where multiple actresses have portrayed a character, we've written who we believe gave the most definitive performance in brackets. No doubt there are many characters you feel we've left off, so drop us a line at and let us know!

23) XENA (Lucy Lawless, Xena: Warrior Princess)

We first saw Xena as a violent warlord in three episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, before the kick-ass warrior earned her own popular series in which she battled evil in ancient Greece.

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The Torch Online - 2 June 2009

Interview with Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman)

TTO: I'm curious if you're friends with any of the other female action icons: Lindsay Wagner, Charlie's Angels, or even Lucy Lawless who plays Xena? Have you met any of them?

LC: I've met Lucy Lawless, and she couldn't have been nicer. We had a nice conversation. I think how she approached her character, how the show approached her, was great. Lindsay Wagner was a friend of mine a million years ago, I just don't have the opportunity to see her, but whenever I meet a mutual friend, I always send her my best. Same with Jaclyn Smith. I never knew Kate Jackson, but Farrah, we used to all go on the same interviews for the same one part. [laughs]

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MovieWeb - 2 June 2009

Bruce Campbell Talks About Burn Notice (Lucy guest starred on the show as Evelyn: Season 1 Episode 10: False Flag  Airdate: 13 September 2007 (Click here to download video clips and view screencaptures/promo pics from the episode from the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Burn Notice subsite)

You mentioned a little bit about Tim Matheson coming back, so can you tell us anything about any other guest stars you might be seeing this season?

Bruce Campbell: Oh, boy, guest stars. They come and go. We got Nick Turturro, who was on NYPD Blue, he's playing a weasely criminal character. I'm not so good with rattling all the things off. We're starting to get a good stable of directors, like Tim Matheson is becoming a stable director element. So it would be nice to see him come back. I hope he's in another episode as this guy Larry. He plays this crazy guy, Larry, who, I hope he comes back, because Tim is a really good actor, too. We had Lucy Lawless, I think on our second episode we got Lucy in. That was real fun to do. I got a bunch of friends we're always trying to get in there. They're coming and going. So it's sort of a stay tuned thing, to see who is coming. But the nice thing is when you have a hit show, you can get better actors. No one wants to be on a show with lousy ratings.

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