The following excerpt is from Wizard Magazine June 2009 issue(#212). Wizard published an interview with Ed Brubaker, partly about 'Angel of Death'. Many thanks to Jolie for the transcript

Q - How did the rest of the cast come onboard?

Ed - Well, we wrote the part of Vera for Lucy Lawless just in the hopes that we could get her. The director reached out to her. And I know the director and producer both have some sort of relationship with Doug Jones and had talked to him at the 'Hellboy II' premiere about the idea of him playing the doctor, because they were interested to see if he would want to do something where he didn't have to wear make-up. The answer was yes.

But really, I didn't have a lot of activity in the casting other than the Zoe part we are all in on. They tell me that they didn't even tell Lucy Lawless that was for Zoe's thing, but I'm assuming Lucy Lawless has the internet, too. So she must have known.[Laughs] They didn't want to have her do it as a favor. They wanted her to do it because she thought it was a cool thing to do. And apparently, she had a really great time doing it. She really loved the character, to get to play a battered old hooker which is so different than anything she gets to do.

But what I discovered during this process is that most actors in the world are not working all of the time. They are in-between projects or waiting for production to start. And they will often take a few days or a week out of their life to go work on something if they think it's going to be cool and they like the script. Money isn't always the biggest factor for actors. It's doing something that you think is cool and getting something made. Whic is kind of a cool thing.

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