09 July 2009 Update

Update: Okay I received a very nice email this morning from Chad at Crackle/ Sony Pictures who read this thread and wanted to clear up the confusion (thanks Chad!). So that ends that confusion 

 Hi Mary,

I came across your thread, and sensed your confusion regarding the upcoming Angel of Death DVD. I just checked with our people at Amazon and here is what happened: Night Stalker was incorrectly mapped to Angel of Death from IMDB. Amazon has resolved the IMDB issue and has added the Angel of Death synopsis to the Angel of Death detail page to assure customers find the DVD they are looking for. Angel of Death is Angel of Death, not Night Stalker.

28 June 2009 Update

Seems the confusion reigns with the Angel of Death / Night Stalker DVD. One entry on Amazon has it as Night Stalker (released 7 July as reported yesterday) and another entry on Amazon has it as Angel of Death and a DVD release of 28 July 2009.

Why is it so? (and for Aussies who get that reference...don't try the egg in the bottle trick <g> and for those that don't..check this out - nothing to do with Angel of Death/Night Stalker but my mind wandered to my favourite professor...).

Okay Barbara has been doing some digging for me (as good sidekicks do) and came up with this explanation:

Crackle of Death is a 1976 film, the third produced in the Night Stalker film series. It combined the Kolchak: The Night Stalker episodes Firefall and The Energy Eater with additional narration by Darren McGavin as Kolchak.

Is it a coincidence that we find Crackle, 'of death', and Night Stalker in the same place?

And another reference to Night Stalker (no bets on the fact Lucy is NOT in this movie) from dreadcentral.com

That film will almost assuredly be better than what Ulli Lommel has in store for us with Night Stalker, which is coming to DVD on September 8th courtesy of North American Pictures.

It's based on the true story of satanic serial killer Richard Ramirez (AKA "The Night Stalker"), but given this is a Ulli Lommel movie, there's a high probability that the only aspect of the movie that has anything in common with the true facts of the case is that there is a serial killer named Richard Ramirez and he was a Satanist. The rest will most likely be the typical Lommel no-budget minimalist bullshit with delusions of artistic grandeur.

Now do you want a good laugh? If you click over to Amazon right now, you can pre-order yourself a copy of Night Stalker for only $48.99. Hey, that's a $21 savings off the list price of $69.99.

Either someone at Amazon screwed up the pricing information or Ulli Lommel is even more delusional than we all thought.

So is everyone as confused as Barbara and I? I'm sure you are. The mystery continues...

27 June 2009 Update: Just an update (so people won't get confused). The Angel of Death DVD is now being called "Night Stalker" and it's listing Lucy in the main credits. The release date is 7 July 2009.

Click here to pre-order from Amazon.com

Read more about Lucy's role on Angel of Death and view video clips by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Angel of Death subsite