Wired Magazine online has a list of the top 7 women who will rock Comic-Con. My list would be shorter...1 woman that would rock Comic Con and it's Lucy (well there's a surprise for you, now isn't it?)  The photo, of course, is of Lucy as the mighty Lucretia looking absolutely stunning although she doesn't look all that happy in this pic.

HTML clipboardLucy Lawless
 Why: Knocking down anyone who dared challenge her in Xena: Warrior Princess, Lawless defined the ass-kicking sex object archetype better than anyone else back in the '90s, then played a badass Cylon in Battlestar Galactica. Now she returns for more ancient action in the Sam Raimi-produced Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Rome, gore, gladiators -- what more do you need to know?

When: Friday, July 24, 12:45 p.m. 
Where: Spartacus: Blood and Sand panel, Room 6BCF.


News submitted by Barbara Davies