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[Jim Salinger is a climate change scientist.]

People talkin'
by Gareth on July 10, 2009

Reports from this week's 2020 target consultation meetings suggest that Nick Smith and Tim Groser (replaced in Christchurch by Adrian Macey, NZ's climate ambassador) have had to face up to pretty solid support for a 40% target. Greenpeace laid on a star-studded night in Auckland (Jim Salinger told me today he enjoyed his date with Lucy Lawless), and there were certainly plenty of Sign On and people in the Christchurch session, as well as another voluble Gareth. The ODT and report that Dunedin was much the same.

Jimmy Aquino Site - 10 July 2009

[Jimmy is co-host of COMIC NEWS INSIDER. A weekly podcast (since April 05) about the world of comic books and animation with some sci-fi/fantasy and a sprinkle of pop culture. Interviews with lots of comic book types you never heard of to big time celebs as well!]

July 10, 2009
San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Interview Planning

San Diego Comic-Con, the Mecca of all comic book conventions, is fast approaching. (July 23-26.) Of course, I'll be attending and covering it for my podcast, Comic News Insider (Sponsored by Dynamic Forces with a weekly global audience in the thousands.) Normally, this is a more "go out and party with friends" type con as it's so overwhelming trying to get interviews with folks. That's why I usually do more interviews at smaller shows. However, this year, I have been getting contacted by TONS of TV/Film type PR peoples about setting up possible interviews. You may remember last year how I got most of the cast of Pushing Daisies thanks to good friend of the show, Bryan Fuller (the series creator). His publicist also hooked me up with other Warner Bros. shows.

This year, I wasn't sure what to expect. I have contacted a few on my own that are possibly going to happen out there. Felicia Day, Amber Benson and a follow up with Brea Grant. But suddenly, my inbox is being inundated with interview requests from publicists/PR folks representing such folks as Lucy Lawless, David Tennant, John Barrowman, Big Bang Theory cast, Fringe cast, Robert Englund, Julie Benz, Tim Burton, The Middleman cast, Seth Green, Walt Disney studios, various video game companies, and so many more. I'm literally getting about 10 emails a day from various people. Honestly, I don't expect to get many of them. But a few would be great especially the BBC types as I don't know when I'd get an opportunity with them again.

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