pawjustice-lucy.jpgLucy has lent her name to another worthy endeavour in NZ; stopping the cruelty to animals. She appears in this video just after the start. 

An organisation called Paw Justice has launched a petition to increase the maximum jail sentence for animal abuse or neglect. The petition calls for Parliament to increase the sentence for neglect from 6 months to one year, and for wilful ill-treatment from 3 years to 5 years. Promotional videos for the campaign are fronted by an assortment of Kiwi stars, including Lucy Lawless, Erika Takacs and cast members from Shortland Street and Outrageous Fortune.

The petition is available here.   |   The official site is located here

Animal Abuse Is Getting Out of Control... It's time to stand up for our pet's rights...
Kiwi celebrities are putting their names to a new campaign tackling animal abuse in New Zealand.

Read more at NZ Herald 4 September 2009