I've been doing some behind the scenes stuff to the site to get it all nice and updated. The following sections have been updated:

  • The Lucy Lawless E Profile Page has been reorganised. The video clips which were offline are back online and are now viewable online through the AUSXIP YouTube Channel
  • Lucy's Show Reel link has been added to the About Lucy Page.
  • Reorganised the About Lucy Page which is now a directory to make it alot easier to find the ever expanding sections and subsites of AUSXIP Lucy Lawless
  • Lucy Lawless FAQ
  • Lucy Lawless Videos - that's now organised with the latest new updates to make it easier to find the latest videos. I will be using the AUSXIP YouTube Channel more rather than making videos available for download (saves on the bandwidth for the site)
  • The Premieres and Events subsite is now two sections - the main Events Page (aka Out and About) and the Social Awareness and Charity Subsites. Lucy lends her name to a great many social awareness / charity events (ie Sign On, PAW Justice, Starship etc) and having the two sections makes it easier to find the charity event or other events.