This is a roundup of new/old pics of Lucy that I happened to find recently that were new to me. The larger sized images are linked to the sites where they were originally found.

Auckland Actors Lucy CV. Lucy's acting CV has been updated (although it only goes up to 2007 with Football Wives). The thing that is most interesting is the new pic. It seems to be part of the collection from the photos that were sold through her fan club but her hair appears lighter so it might be a new photoshoot (around 2007) or it just looks that way. I haven't seen it before.

Another piece is that they haven't fixed the movie title for Eurotrip. It's still called The Ugly Americans. Click on the image for the larger scan.

2006 NZ Auckland Cup

Here's a different look at Lucy from the 2006 NZ Auckland Cup  (where she went to raise money for Starship).

Look at what Lucy is standing on so her heels won't sink into the grass :) Click on the image for the larger scan

For more photos and video from this event go to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Events Page

Lucy In Grease 1997

I don't think I've seen this before. Lucy from her Grease days being goofy with Michelle Kittrell.
From Michelle's official site.

Click on the image for the larger scan


Lucy and Alec Adorian.

Lucy and her Celebrity Duets designer Alec Adorian. He has these photos up on his site.





The other pics of Lucy are the same as the ones on the official site with Lucy showing off Alec's dresses.

2007 Comic Con / SciFi / ET Weekly Party

Lucy Lawless Attends
Entertainment Weekly/Sci Fi Comic-Con Celebration
Hotel Solamar
San Diego, CA United States

July 29, 2007 Lucy Lawless, SCI FI Channel/Entertainment Weekly party

Click on the image for the larger scan

Click here to see more images from this event on AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Event


MegaJim Blog

Don't know when this was taken by it's the Blonde Lucy phase :)


Click on the image for the larger scan