From the official Bitch Slap facebook.

Hey gang!

First off, thank you to everybody who's been able to attend theatrical screenings of the movie! For those of you trying to watch it on VOD, here is what we know:

Fox is handling the Video-On-Demand distribution, and we've just received word that Bitch Slap is now available via PlayStation 3 and Verizon FiOS at premium prices. After the next week or two, Bitch Slap will be widened to more services, including Time Warner Cable and Comcast, with a potentially lower price.

Eric and Rick would like to apologize to any folks who are waiting to see the film but have cable providers who do not yet have Bitch Slap; it's as frustrating for us as it is for you. But don't fret! Though we don't have a date for the availability expansion, we'll post it to the page as soon as we hear from Fox.

Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm. We will be Slapping you all as soon as we can!

News submitted by Lori Boyles.