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It must have looked quite a sight for people driving by. An unsuspecting corner, curving gently around a quiet part of the West coast's Buller Gorge in the early morning mist. But look a little closer God, that's Xena Warrior Princess and Sheryl West rubbing themselves up against a pile of coal.

This was all in aid of humouring Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee and his adoration of this dirty fossil fuel. In 2007 (yes, in the 21st century, yes, in a climate constrained world) he made a video entitled "Sexy Coal" (see 1 minute 40 seconds in for his absurd use of the adjective). So climate ambassadors Lucy Lawless and Robyn Malcolm thought they'd see for themselves if they too could experience a kind of carnal urge when coming into close contact with this common fossil fuel. Suffice to say no matter how much they channelled Gerry, they just couldn't bring themselves to get amorous towards a cold, hard planet-killer.

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News submitted by Barbara Davies