As many of you know the AUSXIP Charity Auction has ended and I've had my first real 'do nothing, watch videos and be totally lazy' day in a long while. Now back to work...

I'm quite sure that if I asked many fans on how their economic situation is, they would say it's horrible. It is. We've had a terrible 2009 and 2010 seems to be a tad better for some and not so good for others.

This year's auction showed me how much love you all have. How much respect, love and a willingness to dig deep. Xenites are EXTREMELY generous. Even those who didn't win or couldn't bid, gave a little. I was just amazed when I received the first half of the paid list from Starship yesterday. It had people's names on it that didn't win but who contributed, it had people paying extra on top of what they won. I shouldn't have been surprised because that's what you do and have done over the years but this year it's different. Despite the recession, the loss of jobs and other financial burdens, Xenites fans dug deep. That desire to help for the greater good is inspirational. As Lucy said in her message

I have never worked on a show with a fanbase as giving as the XWP gang. I guess it was the nature of the show and its message that formed such a community.

This is very very true. I've been involved in other fandoms and I have NEVER across anything like the Xenaverse. Last week I received an email that I want to share with you all with the writer's permission. It reads in part:

"Knowing that this money is really going some real place and will benefit a good cause which on top makes Lucy happy, is really the main reason for me to spent those "saved" Dollars...

Lucys appreciation of her fans is one of the first things, I realized when first coming to AUSXIP and the Xenaverse, that make her and Renée so special...because I have never witnessed anything like that before. So her letter makes me proud to be part of this giving "gang" ...doing it anyway and it defintiely is a very consious choice to spent this hard earned money for their (Lucy's and Renées, well and AUSXIPs) Charities...because even though Lucy always tries to disconnect the fans graciousness from her the end I think it has almost everything to do with her own graciousness...Fans willingness to give is undouptedly to a great deal because of her. And to me that is how I realize that one person really can make a difference, because we are all connected. I am kind of moved by this whole auction thing..."

Thanks everyone for making this fandom what it is. We have our troubles; we have our squabbles..any family does. What we do best is come together for the Greater Good.

I'm going to close with my favourite quote that I think applies because Xenites have a huge capacity for love and for giving.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."
- Helen Keller

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