September 1997 I was a very newbie Lucy new, AUSXIP was 9 MONTHS old and Lucy was in New York making her stage debut in Grease!

This was the SECOND event covered by AUSXIP (the first being the 1997 Official Xena Convention which Lucy made her convention debut. It was such a thrill getting all the photos and reports from the new friends over there.

In 1997 the Xenaverse was brand new...the fandom was growing, the internet was making more and more people connected and the reports on the Grease! event page only shows how fun it was. Seems like a lifetime ago...13 years ago.

For trivia buffs: Rob proposed to Lucy at the end of Grease! and they have been together ever since.

Check out the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless - Lucy in Grease! subsection for a ride back in time!