ImageSeason 1 Episode 24: Is There A Doctor In The House - Xena Battles To Save Gabrielle's Life

This was one of the best episodes in the entire series. In this standout moment from an episode which was a standout for Season 1, Xena won’t / can’t let Gabrielle die. Lucy Lawless is simply OUTSTANDING in this episode and in this scene. Gabrielle is wounded and dies from her injuries. Xena refuses to give up in fighting for Gabrielle’s life. Even when all hope is gone, she continues to plead, yell, give CPR and in the end pounds on Gabrielle’s chest in order to get her to come back. It works. Gabrielle is revived.

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From the AUSXIP Review by SLK

It is one of the most powerful things I have ever seen on television, the moment where Gabrielle sucks in her first breath after an interminable amount of angst, tears, threats and pleas of “don’t die” from Xena – in the performance of Lucy Lawless’s life.

While everyone else around would have given up, only Xena, the one who loves her, hangs in there as she has nothing else to live for. Few of those gathered around watching would have come away with any other opinion that day than Xena the all-conquering Warrior Princess of Amphipolis loves Gabrielle the bard of Poteideia.

The reason so many fans love this episode really comes down to just these few minutes. The payoff is so exceptional, and the performances so moving it puts the show just briefly into a whole other stratosphere.

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It’s a stunningly powerful scene showcasing Lucy’s acting. During a Xena Marathon hosted by Lucy she said:

This was one of my absolute favorites from the first series, and I’m still very proud of it.