Here are the links for interviews and video from Comic Con. I will be adding the individual links later to the Spartacus Press Page but in the meantime here they are all grouped together. This list will be updated as more interviews & video comes through. Reported by Barbara Davies:

Print & Video
Chicago Tribune - Comic-Con interview: 'Spartacus' star Andy Whitfield speaks about his new 'fearlessness' - Continued

Andy Whitfield doesn't often look at "Spartacus" sites or message boards -- as is the case with many actors, he thinks reading the opinions of others can be a distraction.

- TV Squad - 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand' ... and Dish at Comic Con
by Michael Maloney, posted Jul 24th 2010 12:45PM The cast of 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand' including Andy Whitfield, Lucy Lawless, John Hannah, Viva Bianca and executive producer Stephen S. DeKnight met in rooms 6B, C and F at Comic Con on Friday to talk about the show's upcoming season. Read More

- Personal Blog - I am Spartacus - Today i worked downtown with the cast of the show Spartacus doing makeup for them for comic con. I was incredibly nervous but it turned out to be a lot of fun! The cast was great and super nice. The person i mainly worked with was named Viva Bianca. Read More

- UGO Panel Report - Comic-Con 2010: Spartacus Promises More Blood, Gore and Glory! Stephen DeKnight and the cast prepare us for "great and unfortunate things" in the season ahead. Read More

- Tubular Report on Sparty Panel
Highlights from the Q+A session:

- Fancast ‘Spartacus’ Prequel Promises More Drama, Battles and Creative Cursing - ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand‘ quickly became Starz’s most popular original series...Read More

Comic-Con 2010: Highlights of Spartacus (in five parts):