How this for inspiration. After seeing Lucy's documentary Five Days In Bangladesh, this man was moved to sponsor more children via World Vision. The following is an article in today's The Press NZ newspaper:

ImageA retired Christchurch businessman has one of the biggest sponsored families in New Zealand.

"I don't think many people would have more than 200 children," says Ray Archer, 70.

He sponsored his first child through World Vision in 1993, but the founder of Aucom Electronics quickly decided the company could have a bigger sponsorship role. "We believe we have a social responsibility. Business should be more than just making money," he said.

The company pays for all its 130 staff to sponsor at least one child through World Vision and employees are asked to write four letters a year to their children.

In 2003, inspired by a television programme featuring actor Lucy Lawless on a World Vision trip to Africa, Archer asked for more children.

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Watch video clips and images from Lucy's 5 Days in Bangladesh documentary which inspired Ray Archer.

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