ImageThe video chat was so much fun with Lucy, Andy, John, Viva, Steven and surprise guest Jai! Here's a brief recap of what was discussed.

Click here to view screencaptures of the chat

1. Lucretia does survive and make it into Season 2 (I think we all knew this since Lucy spilled the beans some time ago)

2. One of the new cast members Marisa Ramirez is going to be Oenomaus' (Doctore) wife and her name is Melitta and she also is Lucretia's body slave.

3. Season 2 will see a much more tougher Lucretia and none too nice; Ilithyia and Lucretia will be forced to work together but from how Lucy described Lucretia, you get the feeling she will be out for Roman blood herself.

4. Jai Courtney made a surprise visit without his blond locks but now brown. Still cute.

5. Andy is looking very well although IMO a little skinny.

6. Lucy wants to cop a feel of John (those two are just cool together)

7. Andy wouldn't mind playing Bond or acting in a romantic comedy.

8. They talked about Katrina's role of Mira and how they interracted with Spartacus. Steven mentioned that Mira had never been loved so that's all she wanted from Spartacus (awww).

9. There will be some behind the scenes and deleted scenes in the DVD/Blu-Ray which is coming out in September

There will be photos and video from the panel going up later tonight (as soon as Lori can send them to me...let's hope the hotel connection is good).