I've been getting alot of emails regarding how you can bid on items in the Starship Spring Clean on trademe. I suspect some people were distracted by the Lucy pic to notice Starship's offer for overseas fans that was also posted along with the info (I know, Lucy in a a box is a distraction...we have been saying that Lucy can wear a sack and she would look awesome..well a sack, a box..same thing <g>)

Here is the info:


You can only bid on the Starship Spring Clean and the Lucy goodies on offer if you have a New Zealand bank account, but, if you live outside of New Zealand and wish to bid on these exclusive items, we can help!

Here's what you need to do:

- Check out www.trademe.co.nz/starship and work out which item(s) you want to bid on.

- Email the auction item number and description, your opening bid and credit card details to cindyc@adhb.govt.nz and we will place a bid on your behalf if your specified amount is above the current bid. If you would prefer to phone us with your credit card details, please phone (+64-9- 307 4957)

- For your credit card details, we require: type of card, card number, name on card, expiry date

- Then, keep an eye on the auction you are interested in, and continue to email any bid amounts through to the above email address.

- Although every effort will be made to place a bid on your behalf, we unfortunately cannot guarantee this.

- Due to international time differences, bids may not be placed immediately. They will be placed, however, in the order they are received, and assuming the current bid has not exceeded your specified bid amount.

- At the conclusion of the auction, if you are the winning bidder, your payment will be processed on the credit card details you provided. You will be notified of your purchase and we will send it out to you.

- All other credit card details will be destroyed.


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