ImageLucy was interviewed for this interview during the 50th Monte-Carlo TV Festival which was held on 9-10 June 2010.

The interview is in French. If you don't speak French (Like me) you can use Babel Fish to try and interpret the interview (Babel Fish is a hit or miss affair).

If you speak French and would like to translate this interview for AUSXIP, please email me - 30 September 2010

“Violence and the sex are accepted much better in a representation of last”

INTERVIEW - Lucy Lawless, heroin unforgettable of “Xena the warlike one” joins again with mythology in a new series, “Spartacus blood and sand”…

Red hair, clothes burning and temperament heated with sharp, Lucy Lawless interpret Lucrétia in “Spartacus Blood and Sand”, on Orange cinema series, as of next on October 3. With her husband, Batiatus, it has the slave gladiator who will revolt in Rome Antique. 20 minutes met it with the TV-Festival of Monte Carlo. Interview.

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News submitted by Barbara Davies

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