ImageThe US designer Nicole Miller has been enjoying kiwi hospitality and she tweeted a photo of Lucy along with the rest of her group at lunch (I love that top Lucy is wearing...I have fond memories of the 2003 Xena Convention (my first ever con) where Lucy was wearing that shirt).

Enough wandering down memory lane...back to Nicole...

Lunch at the Vineyard with Lucy Lawless, Keisha Castle-Hughes and Krista White.

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During my last two days in New Zealand I had a photo shoot with Lucy Lawless, Keisha Castle-Hughes and Krista White.

Then it was off for a fun day at Stoney Ridge vineyard on Waiheke Island. We had to take a ferry and a taxi but it was well worth the trip.
The vineyard is beautiful and we had a fantastic lunch. That same night we went to Lucy’s house for dinner and watched…the prequel to Spartacus that she has just finished filming. Then it was off of the wrap party at a downtown club.


As a refresher on how Lucy and Nicole have connected:


The New Zealand Fashion Week site has a gorgeous photo of Lucy modeling a Nicole Miller (US Designer) dress.

New Zealand Fashion Week saw four shining stars come together for a very special photoshoot by Olivia Hemus. We'll let her beautiful pictures tell the story!









Lucy Lawless wears Nicole Miller
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ImageLucy Lawless, Nicole Miller, Keisha Castle-Hughes and Krista White



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