Lucy is mentioned in another article related to Nicole Miller's trip to New Zealand for the NZ Fashion Week

Nicole Miller took New Zealand by storm recently with her show in Auckland which attracted the island's top stars. "I wear corseted Roman gowns all day everyday on Spartacus," explains Lucy Lawless. "So wearing Nicole Miller comes as an enormous relief. Her designs are so modern and eminently wearable. It's everyday couture." Also there was Oscar nominee Keisha Castle Hughes who says, "Her collection is so glamorous and it was a real treat for me to wear a slew of her pieces." Miller loved New Zealand and hanging out with her new NZ BFFs Lawless and Castle Hughes. "I had such a great time hanging out with Keisha and Lucy. They were all so great and down to earth," Miller gushes. "We had a really fun day with them and at the end of it all we even got to see Lucy cook in her gorgeous home!" Yummy!

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