We have yet ANOTHER fake Lucy Lawless on Twitter. Lucy fakes have been around for some time and they convince fans they are the real deal.

This time our Fake Lucy was seriously DUMB. Now if you were Lucy you would really know the site address for your own site right? We all know Lucy’s memory is not that great but it’s not THAT bad :)

The fake Lucy claimed that www.lucylawless.info was her official site. I cracked myself up.

1. Fans know that Lucy’s site is the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club at www.lucylawlessfanclub.com (memo to: lucylawless1968..that’s the right address for you to post). It cracks me up when “Lucy” doesn’t know her own site.

2. Sharon Delaney runs Lucy’s fan club and tweets stuff for Lucy. Sharon also runs Lucy’s myspace page. Lucy does not have a Facebook page.

3. Since Fake Lucy has told fans to check www.lucylawless.info for updates...well here is an update..



The last one really cracked me up. I was pointing out to "Lucy" that the site is not the official site..but she insisted it was!!! You really shouldn't argue with the webmaster of the site.

4. There is always a way to check/verify something about Lucy so if you want to pass off yourself as the real Lucy...you’re going to be outted.

Another day, another fake. Will those people who are doing this...take a minute and step away from the computer. Then slap yourslef on the head for the sheer stupidity of it all.