The PLanet BabyLon Convention was held in Paris (October 30th - November 1st) and two L Word actors held Q&A sessions.

Rachel Shelley was Helena Peabody and she was asked about Lucy who guest starred in two episodes of Season 6: Episode 1 Long Night's Journey Into Day and Episode 8 Last Word

In the last episode of the show, Lucy Lawless does a cameo as Sergeant Duffy and in the interrogation tapes her character and Helena get a little flirtatious. How was it to have Lucy Lawless on set?

Rachel Shelley: Well, it must have been tricky for her, because she was coming to a set where people had been working together for such a long time, and knew each other pretty well, and the atmosphere was pretty tense since it was the very last episode of the show and Jenny had died and most of the cast members didn't like that ending, so it must have been a bit tough for her, but Lucy was like (Rachel mimics her Kiwi accent and low voice): "So, ladies, things seem a little tense here..." (those were not her actual words, but it was something to that effect).

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Watch Video - Rachel's Lucy impression comes on 1 min: 16 seconds 

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