ImageZap2It has the following article about No Ordinary Family (and a brief menton of Lucy). The more significant news is that the season has been cut from 22 to 20 episodes.

It was announced Lucy's arc comprises of five episodes leading to the season finale. Looks like Lucy's episodes may have been cut from 5 to 4. Lucy has already filmed some episodes in January and now she's back in LA where she's filming again. We shall wait to find out.

'No Ordinary Family': Stephen Collins says the end is now

According to star Stephen Collins, ABC's "No Ordinary Family" is in the midst of shooting its first-season finale, set to air on Tuesday, April 5.

Collins says the show's 20-episode run (a bit shorter than the more normal 22) ends with a bang.


In next Tuesday's episode, former "Battlestar Galactica" co-stars Lucy Lawless and Tricia Helfer appear as, respectively, the mysterious Mrs. X and her minion, Sophie, who target Jim and his best pal, George (Romany Malco).

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