The latest from the Official Spartacus Twitter Account about the Facebook Spartacus Game

Become a lanista, start your own ludus, then assemble, train and fight your gladiators

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More info on the Game from the Hollywood Reporter 1 January 2011

Starz's digital media unit is trying its hand at its first Facebook social media game tied to the premium TV service's Spartacus franchise, making it one of the first major TV properties to get a social game.

The company will also launch an iPad script app that will present Spartacus episode scripts with video and commentary, director's notes, cast photos, historical background information and more. The free Spartacus: Gods of the Arena game -- which works similar to such hit social games as Mafia Wars that have become one of the red-hot areas of the entertainment industry -- will launch in limited beta on Thursday to the first 10,000 fans who register on Facebook. The full public launch will happen Jan. 20, a day before the Starz TV debut of the Spartacus prequel, which has the same name as the game. Social media gaming publisher 6waves -- which, with more than 75 million monthly active users, is one of the largest players in the space -- will help Starz launch the game. Starz hopes to use the game, one of the first social games based on a hit TV show, to further engage and immerse existing fans and possibly reach new ones, as well as make money via the sale of virtual goods inside the game.