Bare for Christchurch was on last night and AUSXIP Reporter Jo delighted everyone with the photos and video of Lucy from the night. Wasn't it cool to see pictures of Lucy's cast mates supporting her and BARE! It was a treat to see the new Spartacus Liam McIntyre, Viva, Dan, Michael and Rob!

Here is Jo's review of Lucy's performance
Bare For Christchurch - A Review by Jo

Performance by Lucy Lawless "Woman Pissing"

Setting the scene.... each actor came on to perform their part, mainly in soliloquy with some imaginary conversation partner, did their bit, audience applause & lights dimmed as the next performer then takes their position in the dark or walked on stage when the lights go up.

Lucy's character....... well, what can we say, she took her position in the dark, lights out ready for us to see what she was going to do. Lights up... and Lucy is bending over with her butt stuck up in the air at the audience as her character is peeing in the streets !! (for those with keen hearing, you actually knew it was Lucy on stage by the groan she let out as she was peeing - think A Tale of Two Muses toilet scene). Dress was some sort of grey.

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Janine also made the trek across the ditch from Australia to attend the one night only performance and she also sent in her report:

Here is Janine's review of Lucy's performance
Bare For Christchurch - A Review by Janine

Ok, it's Friday evening and it's time for me to wander down to the Civic theatre to see Bare For Christchurch. I arrive and blown away by the beauty of this iconic building. Absolute majestic! Standing outside keeping an eye for MaryD's good mate Jo, I see a lot of faces that are familiar, but your not sure where you know them from. We make our way to the bar and see Andrew Young former CEO of Starship.

A quick hello and were off to go take our seats. I have no idea what to expect as I'm not real sure what it's about. As I read the program which gives the title to each segment I see one that says Woman Pissing and my first thought was "I bet that's the one Lucy is doing." The lights dim and the show begins.

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