Bare for Christchurch Photos from the Afterparty - Here they are - photos hot off Jo's camera! Of note is the first photos we have seen of Liam since he has been cast as Spartacus. What a cutie! Lucille looked gorgeous as ever, Viva looked great, Dan, Liam, Michael and Rob were all adorable!

All photos are Copyrighted to Jo for AUSXIP Lucy Lawless. Awesome job by Jo tonight in reporting and photos!

About Lucy's performance...let's just say Lucy made a HUGE impression during her performance <insert much laughter> as she peed on the streets of Auckland and was hysterical! (I've been trying to find a nice way of saying pee without giggling...would someone who has a video of this please come forward...we will pay you good money for it or maybe chocolate and our gratitude!




Lucy looking gorgeous!






My favourite photo fo Lucy and Rob - wow!



Spartacus Cast: Lucy, Viva, Dan & Liam!




Spartacus Cast with Rob - Dan, Michael, Viva and Dan




Viva and Liam!




Liam and Dan!





Read the report from Jo throughout the night...a full report will follow once she's had some sleep!

For more information on Lucy's role on Bare for Christchurch, the fundraiser for the Christchurch earthquake go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Bare For Christchurch event page