The Telegraph in the UK has a review of the game. It also had more about Lucy's character "Seraphin" - I'm hoping someone who is playing the game to get a screencapture of Lucy's Seraphin...hopefully that will come soon.

But our demo was more geared towards getting a taste of the story and exploration that Hunted will provide. After a solo tutorial that introduces the mechanics of each character (when playing alone, you swap between E'Lara and Caddoc at sporadic locations), the pair come across Seraphin, a ghostly, white-eyed witch voiced by Lucy Lawless of Xena fame. Seraphin isn't wearing many clothes either, it's a common theme.

Seraphin asks Caddoc to pick up the Deathstone that rests on a pedestal in front of them. Caddoc might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even he realises that going anywhere near something called "the Deathstone" is probably a bit dodgy. E'Lara doesn't have any such scruples, grabbing the Deathstone and releasing hordes of demonic skeletons spoiling for a rumble. Dimwit.
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