Here's the Bare Blog Through The Night with the crazy duo of MaryD and Jo - we should take this on the road....I hope you enjoy the blog as much as we did in bringing it to you across the Xenaverse / LucyVerse. Apologies for dyslexia becomes pretty much evident when I'm tired and it's quite comical at times.

2:00 am Sydney Time - ZZZZZ time in Auckland...

I upload photos, video and updated AUSXIP, twitter and facebook.
I crash into my comfy bed.

12:30 am Sydney Time - 2:30 am Auckland Time

Jo finally crashes and goes to bed after spending quite some time on the phone (thank god for you Mr Skype or is that Ms Skype who cares...) sending me photos and video


 11:30 pm (Sydney Time) - 1:30 am (Auckland)

Oh lookee photos!!! Jo says I was going I wasn't...I was eager..there is a difference...everyone was waiting, my fingers couldn't type fast enough..and we need to upgrade her internet speed...beam me up speed!

Jo is uploading photos and video...very slowly...


10:45 pm (Sydney time) - 12:45 am Auckland

Jo has just got home and she's got goodies to this space...and my phone died and it got resurrected..what's with the gadgets dying on me when I'm talking to jo..there's a connection there <insert X Files music> :) LOL! 

Editing to add more info as I got it in sporadic bursts via mobile phone and texts from a very noisy party!

10:00 pm (Sydney time - 12:00 midnight Auckland)


I have to add I'm having so much fun! Almost as much as being there (well that's what I'm trying to tell myself no one spoil my delusion) but seriously it has been fun!

Lucy sang at the party! She sang "Aint No Sunshine"

9:30 pm (Sydney time - 11:30 pm Auckland)

More from the party and who attended:

Rob (of course) was there, Liam McIntyre (the new Sparty) was also there, the gorgeous Viva Bianca (Ilithyia) and Dan Feuerriegel as well as Starship's Andrew Young (recently retired as the Starship CEO - great guy!) and the wonderful Bobbie Brown!

It was great to hear that Lucy's Sparty co-stars were there and the wonderful folks from Starship were there to support Bare and of course Lucy!

The afterparty started and there was speeches and some other interesting bits <g> Lucy photos are coming soon...

Just in time for the AUSXIP Charity Auction...(hint we have 4 days to go!) Lucy, Liam, Viva, Dan all signed a BARE program guide). That special item will go up as soon as I get the photo of it! Thank you so much to Lucy and everyone who signed that! How cool was for it tomorrow!)

7:56 pm (Sydney time - 9:56 pm Auckland)

Just got a very brief phone call from AUSXIP Reporter Jo at the completion of Bare for Christchurch. A more detailed report to follow but she did say that Lucy was HYSTERICAL and her segment was approx 3 minutes or so. The audience was just not expecting what they saw!

More is to follow but Lucy was fantastic! (are we surprised?) Liam McIntyre (the new Sparty) was also there.

Photos were not allowed (it was a theatre after all) but hopefully we will get to see some official photos soon.

The afterparty will soon start where all the stars and those with VIP tickets will mingle. Possible Lucy photos from this portion of the evening may be forthcoming.

For more information on Lucy's role on Bare for Christchurch, the fundraiser for the Christchurch earthquake go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Bare For Christchurch event page

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