Image634365429076374765TVGuide’s Damian Holbrook sounds like a Lucy Lawless in his latest article for TV Damian is absolutely right. You have a guest star that is just superb and you don’t use her more? Isn’t it the reason that she is a draw and you want people tuning in and that’s why you hire her? I don’t get it. It’s The L Word revisited (at least Lucy is getting more screen time on NOF than The L Word which was a disgraceful waste of talent)

Watercooler: Lucy Lawless is No Ordinary Guest Star

You know what the opposite of super is? When a show that's on the bubble scores a fierce guest star and utterly wastes her. Kind of like No Ordinary Family did last night.

When news broke that the live-action answer to The Incredibles had locked in Lucy Lawless for a four-episode arc, we were all like "our hero!" Not that the show is The Cape-bad — it's actually quite fun, despite two charmless kid characters — it's just that nobody is watching. You'd need Clark Kent's hearing to pick up any buzz on this one. So the hope was that maybe the flawless Lawless' stint as Mrs. X could save NOF from its villainous ratings and bring some heat to the Powells' home.

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-- AUSXIP Reporter: Klippart

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