Image The following pic and info was posted on the Official BARE for Christchurch page (very cool of the friend to do this)

Brilliant! Surprised my good friend Pauline from Chch with tickets to Bare. The chance to escape the trauma and aftershocks to be part of the audience was very special for both of us. We were utterly blown away by the compassion and generosity of all involved in the production. Special thanks to Lucy Lawless, Monty Betham, Logan Swann and Annie Whittle for the kindness you shared towards Pauline. You played a massive part in raising her spirit ... thank you so much!

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For more information, photos, video of Lucy singing at the party and a report from Jo and Janine from the Bare for Christchurch event, the fundraiser for the Christchurch earthquake go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Bare For Christchurch event page

-- Reported by Barbara Davies