Image634377553045499592The season finale of No Ordinary Family with Lucy Lawless as the mysterious Mrs X. This looks to be the final episode of the series (unless something miraculous happens and the show is renewed for a second season).

Season 1 Episode 20: NO ORDINARY BEGINNING

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The mysterious Mrs. X kidnaps JJ for his super brain while George is imprisoned on a doomed plane. Meanwhile, the Watcher and Katie reunite, and Jim and Stephanie turn to King for help finding their son.

The Powells must join together to save JJ, who’s been kidnapped, courtesy of Mrs. X and forced to solve an enigma that could lead to the permanence of the trilsettum’s effects. Eventually, the other Powells are captured as well while trying to save him from a secret GlobalTech facility. While they were in an elevator, Mrs. X drugged them. Steph and Daphne wake up together. JJ and Mrs. X walk in. She points a gun at Daphne, forcing JJ to tell Mrs. X how to get the serum to last permanently. Once Mrs. X finds out how, she orders the guards to shoot all of them.

George follows Victoria to a plane where Mrs. X and 80 criminals are being loaded into the plane. A guard catches George, and loads him on the plane. During the flight, the plane is deliberately set to crash, and in the ensuing events the 80 criminals survive the crash and become super villains.

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