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May 2011 Archives

31 May 2011

Lucy to Guest Star on Parks and Recreation? Ausiello Speculates...


Michael Ausiello takes a look at who may / should play the role of Tammy 1 in the show Parks and Recreation and he has a list of suggested actors. In that list is Lucy.

Lucy Lawless | Thanks to Battlestar Galactica and Spartacus, everybody knows the erstwhile Xena is a force to be reckoned with. But did you know that she’s also funny as all get-out? No? Then you clearly haven’t seen her fooling around with Joel McHale on The Soup, which in my mind, qualifies as reason No. 21,104 why she’s needs to play Tammy 1.

Click here to read his full list and to vote!

Click here to watch Lucy on The Soup



31 May 2011

Countdown: Hottest Legendary Warriors - Xena has a countdown of the Hottest Legendary Warriors and (rightly so) Xena is featured! I'm amused that Xena in her Amazon leathers/feathers is shown and not Xena in her traditional iconic leathers...Renee O'Connor was savvy to put Lucy in those Amazon leathers when she directed the episode "Dangerous Prey". Xena appeared in that outfit for all of a few seconds. There are more photos of the outfit than there is of actual footage!

Hop on over to the site to have a look at the list. Xena is listed as #4

If you wish to see more of Xena in that outfit - click here for the episode stills for Dangerous Prey


-- Reporting by MaryD and Tobias



31 May 2011

Lucy on No Ordinary Family Episodes on New Zealand TV

nz-nofLucy's No Ordinary Family episodes will be shown on New Zealand TV on Thursday at 8:30 pm (2 June 2011) starting with the first of her 4 episode arc according to the tv snippet from The Dominion Post newspaper 31 May 2011.

Scanned by MaryD


The mysterious Mrs. X (Lucy Lawless, "Xena: Warrior Princess," "Battlestar Galactica") tasks the sexy - and dangerous - Sophie ("Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer) to cause Jim and George to fall under her spell and make them do whatever she wants them to - which could place Jim's marriage in jeopardy.

More Multimedia:

Ep Stills | ScreenCaps | Behind The Scenes | Video

For more about Lucy's role on No Ordinary Family, check out the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless No Ordinary Family subsite.



31 May 2011

Telefilm Festival 2011: Spartacus Gods of the Arena in Italy

The following was posted on AUSXIP Spartacus Chat Forum by member xenawp7706:

I just read an italian article that says that from 27 of June to the 3rd of July in Milan we are going to have the annual Telefilm Festival: a Festival dedicated to all the new TV Series coming up in Italy.

And this is the great news: At this Festival they are going to show episode 1 and 2 of Spartacus Gods of the Arena, coming up in Italy in August 25 on Sky 1.

This is the bit in Italian:
Un altro salto indietro nel tempo, e sempre in costume, l'anteprima di Spartacus - Gods of the Arena (su Sky Uno dal 25 agosto), prequel-peplum dell'originale Spartacus - Sangue e sabbia, incentrato sulle gesta del gladiatore Gannicus (interpretato dall'aitante Dustin Clare) e che vede il ritorno in scena dell'ex "Xena" Lucy Lawless, nei panni (sovente al vento) di Lucrezia, al centro di scene che lasciano ben poco all'immaginazione...

Another jump in the past, and another costume series, the preview of Spartacus- Gods of the Arena (On Sky 1 from August 25), prequel sword and sandals of the original Spartacus Blood and Sand, about the Gladiator Gannicus(Played by Dustin Clare) and that sees the return on the scenes of Lucy Lawless, ex Xena, playing(Often naked) Lucretia, in some scenes that leave very little to the imagination...
I am very excited about this!!

Discuss this on AUSXIP Spartacus Chat Forum



30 May 2011

Lucy and the Rest of the Team On the Finish Line


Check out this photo of Lucy, Andrew and the rest of the team crossing the finish line after 3 hours relay!

Lucy looks happy (at long last she can rest her weary feet).

Click here to view larger image

- News contributed by Barbara Davies



30 May 2011

Lucy Blogs About Britomart Block Benefit Fun Run

lucyandandrew.pngLucy has sent in a blog post about her fun in the Britomart Block Benefit run on Sunday 29 May 2011 and a pic of her with Andrew Young:

Okay, Fun and Run are two words that should never be used in the same sentence.  That Britomart run for Christchurch was bloody torture!  My hamstrings are all in a bunch and very cross with me.  Damn that Andrew Young...
Read More on Lucy's Official Fan Club Site

So far the donations for the fun run stands at $$3,570.61 -

You can still donate if you wish by going here



29 May 2011

Lucy and Andrew at Britomart Block Benefit Photos and Video - 29 May 2011


It was a crisp Auckland morning when the teams lined up for a relay to raise money for Christchurch. Lucy, Andrew and two other team members formed a group to run in 20 minute blocks. AUSXIP Reporter Jo was on hand to take photos and occasionally jog ahead of the team to take video. The photos (before the relay began) are now online.

Special thanks to Lucy and Andrew for allowing AUSXIP's camera to follow them in their relay and for being such a great sports! Photos & Video of the event taken by AUSXIP Reporter Jo.

Click here for photos | Click here for video



29 May 2011

Lucy Lawless Runs For Christchurch - 29 May 2011

lucy-britomart03 small1

The following article appeared on about Lucy and Andrew run today at the Britomart Block Benefit. Click here for photos from the event

Lucy Lawless runs for Christchurch - 29 May 2011

Lucy Lawless pounded the streets today as she continued to support the earthquake-ravaged people of Christchurch.

Lawless - who found international fame in her role of Xena Warrior Princess - was a starter in the fund-raising Britomart Block Benefit through the streets of central Auckland.

She was one of four members of the LMI Work Horse team who took part in the three-hour relay which began at 9.51am.

All funds raised by the teams taking part are going to the Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

Read More



27 May 2011

Lucy's Donated Xena Costume At The Smithosian's Museum of American History


In 2006, Lucy donated her personal Xena costume to the Smithosian's Museum of American History. In an interview the same year with Smithsonian magazine (November 2006) Lucy talked about her costume and it being donated to the Museum.

Below are pics of the Xena costume Lucy gave to the Smithsonian, taken in 2006 when it was being catalogued. The poster commented that there were 'no plans for display any time soon'. As yes the costume hasn't been displayed which is a shame because this is an iconic costume from a groundbreaking show.


Click here to view the images

- Reporting by Barbara Davies and MaryD



27 May 2011

Xena Image Gallery Update - Episode Promos and Adverts Season 3

Updated the AUSXIP XenaMedia section with episode adverts/promotional material for Season 3 with 1 episode promo for The Furies and a Generic Season 3 promo.


Click here to view images



26 May 2011

Xena Image Gallery Update - Episode Promos and Adverts Season 1

Updated the AUSXIP XenaMedia section with episode adverts/promotional material for Season 1 with 8 episode promos


Click here to view images or click on the thumbnail above

More scans will be added in the coming days.



25 May 2011

Lucy & Andrew's Route For Britomart Block Benefit for Chch

Here's the route Lucy and Andrew will be taking during their relay race for the Britomart Block Benefit for Chch - the official facebook page has released the image. Click on the thumbnail for the larger scan. Read Andrew's note about their efforts this coming Sunday.


or you can download the


Support Lucy and Andrew on their benefit run to raise money for Christchurch

Please follow this link to read more about the Britomart Block Benefit for Chch - and to make your donation - their efforts will boost the Red Cross which is working so hard in Chch:



25 May 2011

Lucy and Andrew Teaming Up For Britomart Block Benefit for Chch

Just got a great note from Andrew Young, former CEO of Starship and a super bloke! He's teaming with Lucy to raise money for Christchurch!


Hi all,

Lucy and I are teaming up again - fundraising for the good folk of Christchurch, many of whom have lost much and are still suffering the devastating consequences of the earthquake.

Click on the bonus pic attached and you'll see us in full training mode (while still showing our undying love for Starship). We know many of you have already given to Chch, but this is us doing our bit by running for three hours this Sunday. We'd dearly love your support.

Please follow this link to read more about the Britomart Block Benefit for Chch - and to make your donation - our efforts will boost the Red Cross which is working so hard in Chch:

Every dollar counts and your messages of support will help to spur us on.

Many thanks,




25 May 2011

Who's Your Dominus - Who's Your Domina T-Shirt Comp!

The following is from The Dominion Post 24 May 2011 in New Zealand. Not sure if it's only open to kiwis (this was on Page 6 of the TW Week magazine supplement for those kiwis who want to enter)




24 May 2011

The 2011 Hot 100 - Lucy Lawless

ImageThe annual Hot 100 is out and it looks like Lucy is moving up the list. Last year Lucy was placed #40 (way too low) and this year she's at #26 (still way too low).

Also on the list are AUSXIP favourites: Renee O'Connor, Crystal Chappell, Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander.

Click here to view the rest of the list of stunning women.



23 May 2011

New Lucy Artwork by Cindy

Posted three new artworks by Cindy to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Art Gallery


Click here to view



21 May 2011

Lucy DVD News - No Ordinary Family Season 1 DVD September 2011

No Ordinary Family with Lucy in the role of Mrs X was officially cancelled by ABC and there will only be one season. Lionsgate Entertainment has announced that the Season 1 DVD will be released on September 6 according to - there is no mention of what the extras may be or if there will be a bluray edition.


You can find images, video and articles about Lucy's role on No Ordinary Family by clicking to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless No Ordinary Family subsite



20 May 2011

Lucy and Spartacus Cast at 2010 From Dusk Til Con Party at Comic Con

ImageLucy Lawless and her Spartacus cast mates - Andy Whitfield, Viva Bianca, John Hannah and Jai Courtney arrive at the Spartacus Comic Con Party From Dusk Til Con at the 2010 Comic Con.

Click here to view video

You can check out photos from the event by going to the AUSXIP Spartacus From Dusk Til Con Party Images

More multimedia from the 2010 Comic Con can be found on the AUSXIP Spartacus 2010 Comic Con Event Page

-- News submitted by Barbara Davies



19 May 2011

It's Not Easy Romping For The Camera But Lucy Helped....New Idea 23 May 2011

newideaJaime Murray, the amazing Gaia from the Spartacus prequel Gods of the Arena talks about Lucy in this week's New Zealand New Idea on how Lucy helped her.

Jaime Murray
Let's Talk About Sex - New Zealand New Idea
23 May 2011

It's not easy romping for the camera, but Lucy Lawless Helped put Jaime at ease.

The article was scanned by Jo. Click on the smaller image to read the full sized article.



19 May 2011

Jaime Murray Talks About Lucy - NZ Herald 19 May 2011

gaiaA quick word with Jaime Murray, who plays the naughty, social-climbing seductress who corrupts our very own Lucy Lawless - well, her character Lucretia at least - in the latest instalment of Spartacus...

A quick word with Jaime Murray, who plays the naughty, social-climbing seductress who corrupts our very own Lucy Lawless - well, her character Lucretia at least - in the latest instalment of Spartacus...

In the first episode of Gods of the Arena Jaime Murray's Gaia fed Lucretia opium and then lured her into the sack.

The English actress knows a thing or two about doing risque scenes, having rolled around with Michael C. Hall in Dexter as the serial killer's unhinged fling Lila. But she insists she's quite modest in real life.

"I take off my clothes and I'm a little shy," she says.

Not that you'd know it from her pivotal role in the Spartacus prequel.

You realise you will be forever known in New Zealand as the actress who corrupted one of our national thespian treasures?
I love Lucy Lawless [laughs]. And I'm not afraid to admit it and she's become a very close friend of mine.

So what was it like working alongside her - and very intimately too?
I was so lucky, because some of those scenes can be pretty difficult and gruelling and awkward - and all the things that you can think they might be, they are. Luckily, I was with the least neurotic, down-to-earth actress, and we tried to laugh our way through our discomfort. And we would talk candidly, too, so we were both on the same page.

So how do you prepare for those sorts of scenes?
It's new territory for everybody, and as difficult as it was for the actors, it's also difficult for the directors, and everyone is difficult about those subjects and no one really knows how to deal with it for the best. Should you just ignore it and get on with it? Should you do it quickly? Should you be really gentle and talk about it for hours? But for me personally, in order for me to feel comfortable I needed to be as creative and in control as I possibly could. My favourite scene was with Lucy with the opium because we looked at the physical state the opium would have taken us to, and that broke down the boundaries that brought us together. We also looked at why Gaia was needy for that affection, and why Lucretia wanted to go there - probably because she needed to let loose from [husband] Batiatus.

Read More of A quick word: Jaime Murray - Entertainment - NZ Herald News



17 May 2011

New Lucy Scans - 2001 American Comedy Awards 22 April 2001

Lucy and Hal Sparks presented an award at the 2001 American Comedy Awards. Updated the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Events page for that event with some more scanned images.


Click on the images for the link or click here

I'm slowly going through my photos and scanning them so alot more of Lucy's older events will be added over the coming week.

Also available on the event page is a short video of Lucy and Hal presenting the award via youtube.



16 May 2011

Australian TV Week Interviews Dustin Clare On Spartacus and The Rise of Lucy Lawless

The Australian TV Week magazine - Issue dated 21-27 May 2011 - has a two page interview with Dustin about his role as Gannicus on Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Dustin also talks about how Lucy is doing the best work of her career as Lucretia (TOTALLY agree - Lucy is just INCREDIBLE as Lucretia)

Gladiator Glory
Dustin Clare, the new star of Spartacus, talks toning up, strippping down and the rise of Lucy Lawless.


Scanned by MaryD

For more articles / interviews with the Spartacus cast go to the AUSXIP Spartacus Press Archive

For more articles / interviews with Lucy go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Press Archive



16 May 2011

Spartacus Cast at Rise Up Christchurch Telethon 22 May 2011

Rise Up Christchurch is a 22 hour global telethon for Christchurch beginning at 9am, on Sunday 22 May. The Sparty cast are included in the telethon - Lucy's name hasn't been mentioned as being part of the telethon yet. Stay tuned.

The following is from

There's some right royal interest in next week's Rise Up Christchurch - Te Kotahitanga telethon.

One of the latest to offer support to the Telethon is Prince Edward, who plans to send a message of support from London. The Prince knows New Zealand well as he spent his gap year here in 1982.

Rise Up Christchurch -Te Kotahitanga is a 12-hour global telethon for Christchurch beginning at 9am, on Sunday 22 May. It will be broadcast by Maori Television from Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington, with live crosses to regional centres and global activities in London, Los Angeles and Sydney.

It will also be streamed live online throughout the world on



Trusts Stadium Arena, 9am-6pm
(Henderson, West Auckland)

Public event, free (koha welcomed)

Live music from Dane Rumble, PNC, Dallas Tamaira (Fat Freddy's Drop), Young Sid, Midnight Youth, Luger Boa and The Checks
Canterbury Relief Games featuring 12 teams of well-known Kiwis including stars from Shortland St, Almighty Johnsons, Spartacus, Outrageous Fortune, Go Girls, Sione's Wedding, Power Rangers, The Crowd Goes Wild, The Edge, Hyundai CODE and sporting legends including Ruben Wiki and Eroni Clarke live auctions

Ambassadors include: Stacey Morrison, Carol Hirschfeld, Pippa Wetzell, Andrew Mulligan, Ben Boyce, Mike King, Ali Williams, Dave Gibson and Te Arahi Maipi.

News submitted by Barbara Davies



14 May 2011

Fantasy Women: Lucy Lawless - Daily Mail Weekend 14 May 2011

The Daily Mail Weekend (UK paper) takes a look at the two strong female characters played by Lucy Lawless and compares them

Fantasty Women: Lucy Lawless
Lucy Lawless adds another powerful female role to her CV in Spartacus: Blood and Sand (10 pm Sky1). It got us thinking how her latest part compares with the one that made her name

Xena Warrior Princess Vs Lucretia (Spartacus Gods of the Arena)

Click on the thumbnail for the larger scan (Scanned by MaryD)


For more news, press, images and video on Lucy's role as Xena go to the Australian Xena Information Page (AUSXIP)

For more news, press, images and video on Lucy's role as Lucretia on Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Gods of the Arena and now Vengeance go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Spartacus Subsite



14 May 2011

ABC Cancels No Ordinary Family - Confirmed


No Ordinary Family with Lucy in the role of Mrs X has been officially cancelled by ABC. is reporting the official news

Friday the 13th turned out to be doomsday for Brothers & Sisters and V: ABC has axed both shows. The Alphabet net also pulled the plug on rookie series No Ordinary Family, Off the Map, Better With You, Detroit 187 and Mr. Sunshine.

All indications were that Lucy's character would become a semi-regular role should the series get a second season.

Alas it's not to be as the show has been cancelled after only one season.

For more news, images and video about Lucy's role on No Ordinary Family, check out the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless No Ordinary Family subsite



12 May 2011

Xena Warrior Princess Episode Video Promos Season 1 Episode 23 Death Mask


Season 1 Episode 23: Death Mask

Xena (Lucy Lawless) is reunited with her brother Toris (Joseph Kell) and the two join forces to overthrow Cortese (Michael Lawrence), the raider who destroyed their village many years before.

Click here to view video

More Death Mask Multimedia:
- Credits
- Review
- Screengrabs
- Episode Stills
- MaryD's Artwork



11 May 2011

Xena Warrior Princess Episode Promo S1 E22 Callisto - Two Versions


Season 1 Episode 22 Callisto – two episode promos. A little different to how I normally post the episode promos for Season 1. There are two versions - one is a normal ep promo for the episode and the other was during the countdown to the series finale "A Friend In Need" that looked back at the pivotal episodes of the show.

In December 1996 when I joined the Xenaverse, 9 episodes into Season 2 (my first S2 episode was A Solstice Carol and The Xena Scrolls on the same tape (how that for confusing a newbie fan) I hadn't seen Season 1 or episodes 1-8 of Season 2). I have a very distinct memory of when I first joined the Xenaverse in asking who Callisto was since the chatter was about this character. In the weeks that I was completely oblivious to the show, S2 Episode 5 Return of Callisto, then S2 Episode 7 Intimate Stranger, S2 Episode 8 Ten Little Warlords were shown with Hudson Leick as the fantastic Callisto. Feels like a lifetime ago but so much fun!

Season 1 Episode 22 Callisto

Xena (Lucy Lawless) must battle the fierce woman warrior Callisto (Hudson Leick), who is bent on revenge for the death of her family.

View Promo #1 | View Promo #2 (Countdown Series)

More S1 Episode 22 Callisto Episode Multimedia

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10 May 2011

Lucy in Maxim Magazine March 2011 Scan

Maxim (India) has a feature on actors that have their roots in Ireland. Naturally Lucy is featured since she is of Irish descent. Scanned by MaryD

Maxim Magazine (India) - March 2011 Issue
Click on the smaller image for the full size scan


For more Lucy articles go to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Press Archive



10 May 2011

Video Promo S1 E20 Ties That Bind Xena Warrior Princess


Season 1 Episode 20 - Ties That Bind

In an attempt to win Xena (Lucy Lawless) back to lead his army, Ares (Kevin Smith) masterminds a plot involving Xena’s estranged father Atrius

Click here to view video promo for the episode

More Ties That Bind Multimedia

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Watch Season 1 Episodes promos for episodes 1 - 19 on AUSXIP Video Xena Channel



7 May 2011

Vote For Lucy in The Hot 100

It's time for The Hot 100 again!

Our first annual Hot 100 (in 2007) came about in response to a Hot 100 list published by Maxim magazine. readers found Maxim's list to be "generally unbelievable and incorrect," so we invited you to create a list of your own and, thus, an annual tradition began!

In our endless quest to provide a forum for lesbian/bi women to express your opinions about all things related to pop culture, we present the Hot 100 poll again this year. If you find yourself frustrated by mainstream (i.e. heterocentric) culture's definitions of "sexy, "attractive," or, well, "hot," then this is your opportunity to proclaim your appreciation for the women who you think embody those terms.

In the form below, you can submit your nominations for the 10 women you think are the hottest on the planet. They can be gay or straight, young or old, and of any race or nationality — basically any woman you find desirable. The woman with the most votes will be No. 1, the woman with the second highest number of votes will be No. 2, and so on down the list (which means it doesn't matter what order you list the names in the form).

Click here to nominate



6 May 2011

New Lucy Artwork by Cindy R

Added two new artworks by Cindy R to the Lucy Lawless Artwork Gallery


Click here to view!

Submission guidelines for artwork to the gallery can be found here



6 May 2011

Lucy Photo From Monte-Carlo Television Festival June 2010


Here's a pretty photo of Lucy with a fan that was posted on flickr. Lucy is at the Monte Carlo Television Festival from June 2010. Lucy and Peter Mensah attended this event to promote Spartacus. Three cast members were nominated for awards: Lucy (Best Actress) Andy and John (Best Actor)

Click here to view the larger version of the image


Catch up with news, video, reports and photos from the Monte-Carlo TV Festival on the AUSXIP Spartacus Monte-Carlo Television Festival Event Page

-- Reported by Barbara Davies



5 May 2011

Lucy on Aussie TV - Spartacus: Gods of the Arena on GO!

Gods of the Arena premieres on GO! Tonight at 9:30 pm on Aussie TV.

Episode 1 - Transgressions

A younger Batiatus finds himself newly in control of his father's gladiator school. He uses his most skilled fighter to win favor with a cunning nobleman behind the building of the new arena.

Credits | Official Page | Episode Stills  | Episode Promos

US Airdate: 21 January 2011 | Rating: 1.1 Million (2.8 million)



5 May 2011

Lucy Video Interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Show 11 February 2003

Here's an older interview with Lucy appearing for the first time on the Jimmy Kimmel show. This is quite funny as I had wondered why I hadn't posted about this interview before and then looked at the date. I was in the US for the 2003 Xena Convention (my FIRST Xena convention) and saw the interview on the TV live! It was also the first time I had seen Lucy in person up on stage. Check out my photos from that con. Had such a great time. Ah memories. That 2003 con was excellent!

Jimmy Kimmel Show 2003 – Lucy Lawless 11 February 2003
Posted on: 5th May 2011

Jimmy Kimmel Show 2003 – Lucy Lawless 11 February 2003

Lucy appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on 11 February 2003. Lucy was also attending the 2003 Xena Convention so she took the opportunity to go on the talk show.

Watch Part 1

You can watch Part 2 (Lucy and Jimmy introducing a kiwi band) and Part 3 Lucy is part of the guest lineup at the end of the show (both snippets are on YouTube)



4 May 2011

Rittenhouse Archives Trading Cards Binder Scans And Card 1 Error

Andrea has been kind enough to take a photo of the Spartacus trading cards binder - front and back.


Andrea also tells me: "Episode card # 1 has the wrong text printed on the back, so Rittenhouse is offering a scan of the back and a not-stamped but corrected version of the card via SASE."

Rittenhouse has the following note on their site:

Please note that card #1 of the Spartacus: Blood and Sand Premium Packs has been printed with the wrong plot synopsis on the back. We are providing the corrected copy in this digital format for your convenience. If you would like to receive a FREE corrected, un-numbered, printed version of this card, please send a SASE to the following address:

Spartacus Replacement Card
Rittenhouse Archives
501 Washington Lane, Suite 201
Jenkintown, PA 19046

Limit one card per household.
We regret any inconvenience this error may have caused.



2 May 2011

Video: Lucy Sings Loch Lomond at 1999 Santa Monica Xena Convention


This was a wonderful video of Lucy singing Loch Lomond. “The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond”, or simply “Loch Lomond” for short, is a well-known traditional Scottish song. Lucy sang this song at the 1999 Official Xena Convention in Santa Monica 23-24 February 1999

Click here for the video

Check out the great pics and report from the convention on AUSXIP Xena Convention Page

Santa Monica
Lucy Lawless & Kevin Sorbo

Santa Monica (Images by Wendy Sparks)
Lucy Lawless & Rob Tapert



2 May 2011

New Artist Cindy R + New Lucy Lawless Art

ImageI'm pleased to welcome Cindy R to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Artwork Gallery.



Click here to view Cindy's work



1 May 2011

New Lucy Artwork by Carpe Chakram

Carpe Chakram sent in some gorgeous new artwork of Lucy as Xena as well as her 3 second cameo as the punk girl from Spiderman.


Click here to view the gallery



1 May 2011

New Lucy Photos from Gagosian Gallery 26 February 2011

Lucy went to the GAGOSIAN GALLERY Opening of James Franco & Gus Van Sant in Beverly Hills, LA on Sat, 26 Feb 2011






Click here for the full size image









Click here for the full size image

-- Submitted by Barbara Davies



1 May 2011

Magazine and Advertising Flyer Scans - Monte-Carlo Television Festival June 2010

Lucy and Peter attended the 50th Monte-Carlo Television Festival on 9-10 June 2010 to promote Spartacus. Three cast members were nominated for awards: Lucy (Best Actress) Andy and John (Best Actor).

Barbara Bruno who attended the event sent in a magazine scan from the official TV Festival magazine and also an advertising flyer of the event.

Click on the smaller images for the larger scans


For more photos, interviews, video and other multimedia on this event go to the AUSXIP Spartacus Monte-Carlo Television Festival Event Page