Season 1 Episode 22 Callisto – two episode promos. A little different to how I normally post the episode promos for Season 1. There are two versions - one is a normal ep promo for the episode and the other was during the countdown to the series finale "A Friend In Need" that looked back at the pivotal episodes of the show.

In December 1996 when I joined the Xenaverse, 9 episodes into Season 2 (my first S2 episode was A Solstice Carol and The Xena Scrolls on the same tape (how that for confusing a newbie fan) I hadn't seen Season 1 or episodes 1-8 of Season 2). I have a very distinct memory of when I first joined the Xenaverse in asking who Callisto was since the chatter was about this character. In the weeks that I was completely oblivious to the show, S2 Episode 5 Return of Callisto, then S2 Episode 7 Intimate Stranger, S2 Episode 8 Ten Little Warlords were shown with Hudson Leick as the fantastic Callisto. Feels like a lifetime ago but so much fun!

Season 1 Episode 22 Callisto

Xena (Lucy Lawless) must battle the fierce woman warrior Callisto (Hudson Leick), who is bent on revenge for the death of her family.

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