On 1 May 2010 Lucy and 40,000 kiwis marched. The rally was held in Auckland to send a message to their government to stop mining in national parks Lucy was in the front marching with everyone to show her support.

It looks like the issue may become a problem again according to the NZ Herald article which appeared today:

Mining sector 'planning conservation land access'

Less than a year after being defeated by strong public opposition, the mining industry is planning another bid to gain access to minerals lying beneath the conservation estate, leading industry figures have indicated.

Labour MP David Parker yesterday said "senior" mining industry sources had told him they planned to seek an increase in the size of pockets of Schedule Four land, which may be used for mining related activities.

Under current law, miners could obtain permits to allow "interference" on Schedule Four land restricted to areas 10m by 10m….

Less than a year ago, public opinion - including a march down Queen St by 20,000 to 40,000 people led by actors Robyn Malcolm and Lucy Lawless - forced the Government into an embarrassing u-turn over its plans to remove Schedule Four protection from 7058ha of the Department of Conservation estate.

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