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Lucy's beloved artwork that she bought with her first paycheck from Xena - The Lone Ranger and Tonto - is now up on for auction.

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Also on auction for Dinner with Lucy is also online

The Dinner Date with Lucy auction to raise money for Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior III is now live. Lucy's never auctioned herself off before for a dinner (that I can recall) so it's pretty special!

The current bid is $1850 but I somehow don't think it's going to stay there for very long. The auction runs from now till 21 September. So if you want to have dinner with Lucy either in LA or Auckland, now is your time!

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Michael Parekowhai
You're My Best Friend, 2000
Medium: c-type Photographic Prints (diptych)
Size: 2 pieces, each is 2015mm x 1005mm

Edition 2 of 5, "Tonto" and "The Lone Ranger" Originally purchased from Auckland's Gow Langsford Gallery in 2001, these pieces have been a treasured part of Lucy Lawless's personal collection and have hung in her Auckland home ever since. It is now being auctioned in support of Greenpeace and the Rainbow Warrior

About the Artist: Michael Parekowhai is one of New Zealand's most important contemporary practitioners. His work is held in all significant public and private collections throughout New Zealand and Australia, as well as major works in permanent collections across the Asia-Pacific region and Europe. Michael Parekowhai has been included in many important exhibitions, including the Asia Pacific Triennial (2006-2007), the Gwangju Biennale (2004); Sydney Biennale (2002), Headlands, MCA, Sydney (1992); and the major art fairs in Basel, Art Basel (2006, 2007) and LISTE (2007). A major volume cataloguing Michael Parekowhai's practice was recently published by Michael Lett, Auckland (2007). Michael's work has been reviewed in most major international art periodicals, and covered by every major art periodical in Australasia. Michael received an Arts Foundation Laureate Award in 2001. He represented New Zealand at the 2011 Venice Biennale with his work On First Looking into Chapman's Homer.

Born in Porirua, New Zealand in 1968, Michael is of European and Māori descent. He holds the position of Associate Professor in Fine Arts at the University of Auckland.

The proceeds for this item benefit Greenpeace International

Terms: Shipping costs are wholly the responsibility of the winner, and may fluctuate based on location of winner.

Donated by: Lucy Lawless