Lucy sent over the following info about an upcoming event with her and Al Gore! Check out Lucy's message and the details of the event - Lucy will be a part of this event from September 14-15, 2011! Tune in!

Message From Lucy:

I have set sail for my life as an eco-Warrior. Won't you all join me?

Aviary docs-google-com Picture 1.pngEvent Information:

Former Vice President Al Gore and his team at Climate Reality have a big new project. It's 24 Hours of Reality - and from September 14-15 a new slideshow presentation created by Gore will be given once every hour progressing across every time zone around the world. The entire 24 hours will be broadcast live online and between each "in country" segment, they will cut back to a studio in NY where a talk-show-like program will feature climate scientists, celebrities and other public figures engaged in the climate discussion talking about on the ground impacts, solutions and sharing stories.

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24 Events...24 Time Zones...24 Hours of Reality

Droughts, floods, heat waves, insect outbreaks, wildfires, sea level rise - we are encountering the reality of our changing climate every day. Five years after the theatrical release of An Inconvenient Truth, Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore will host an international event that brings the world together in a critical moment of global consciousness to deliver the message: The climate crisis is real, and it's already happening.

Spanning 24 hours, 24 time zones and multiple languages, 24 Hours of Reality features a new
multimedia presentation about climate change created by Vice President Gore and delivered by an army of personally trained slide show Presenters from around the world. Beginning in Mexico City and proceeding westward around the globe, 24 Hours of Reality offers a round-the-clock snapshot of the global climate crisis in real time, sharing unique perspectives on the crisis from Tonga to Cape Verde, Mexico City to Kotzebue, Alaska, Jakarta to London. With one event scheduled in each time zone at 7 p.m. local time, the entire 24 hours will also be streamed live online from start to finish, culminating in a final presentation by Vice President Gore in New York at 7 pm.

By focusing the world's attention on the climate crisis for an entire day, 24 Hours of Reality is intended to create a global movement and inspire international action to solve the climate crisis the other 364 days of the year. At each event, we will highlight the projects and initiatives of incountry organizations and NGOs and offer information and opportunities for people to learn more and to get involved with ongoing activities in their own communities. This global discussion will lead to action to solve the climate crisis.

Al Gore
23 specially trained Presenters from The Climate Project

WHAT: 24 Hours of Reality

September 14-15, 2011

Online and in villages, towns, cities, and countries across the globe

Because the climate crisis is real and it has already begun.
Because what we thought was our children's problem is in fact our own.
Special interest groups are spending huge amounts of money to convince people that climate
change isn't real while people around the world are already experiencing its effects.
Where do you stand? Choose Reality.