Image634521437068766645The following excerpt is from Element Magazine which was posted on 20 September 2011 of the 24 Hours of Reality event held at the Auckland War Memorial Museum on 15 September.

Lucy was given the honour of opening the Auckland segment and the reviewer had this to say about her presentation:

Our eco-warrior princess Lucy Lawless kicked off the broadcast by talking passionately about our Pacific friends being literally swallowed by the mighty ocean. She called on the audience to vote, not only at this year’s election, but with everything we buy (or don’t buy) to bring the changes they need to survive.

Read the full review here

If you missed Lucy's presentation - you can now watch it - unfortunately due to the weather around Auckland, the feed got cut just as Lucy was getting to why fossil fuels were dirty.


Oops sorry you can see this? You need flash

For more photos + video of Lucy giving the opening presentation, go to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless 24 Hours of Reality EcoWarrior Site

Link submitted by Barbara Davies

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