ImageSince 25 August 2011, AUSXIP has been keeping everyone updated on the bidding of Lucy's dinner and artwork auctions on the CharityBuzz auction site. The auctions are to raise money for Greenpeace's new flagship The Rainbow Warrior III.

As a Greenpeace Ambassador, Lucy has given of her time, her name and offered herself up for auction to raise awareness on the issues of climate change and other environmental issues.

Greenpeace has posted a new press release about the Rainbow Warrior III Auction - click here to read -

There is a quote from Lucy about her participation in the auction:

"Participating in the building of the new Rainbow Warrior is a chance for all of us to be part of history as we decide what kind of future we want to hand to our children. I am proud to stand with Greenpeace and be a part of the crew that helps build the new Rainbow Warrior", said Lucy Lawless, on behalf of all celebrities involved with this auction.

ImageHave Dinner with the One and Only Lucy Lawless in LA or New Zealand

Current Bidding: $4600.00


ImageYou're My Best Friend, Photographic Prints
by Michael Parekowhai and donated by Lucy Lawless

Current Bidding: $5000


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