The Spring 2011 Greenpeace e-Magazine has an article about Lucy's Rainbow Warrior III Dinner and Artwork donations to raise money for Greenpeace's flagship Rainbow Warrior III. Lucy's contributions raised $34,500 for the Rainbow Warrior III.

ImageLucy Lawless has been a passionate Greenpeace supporter for many years, participating as an ambassador for our Sign On campaign and taking to the streets in protest against plans to mine our precious national parks. She?s one of New Zealand's most vocal environmental advocates and is never afraid to stick her head above the parapet. So when Greenpeace International prepared to launch a celebrity auction in aid of the Rainbow Warrior III, Lucy was again more than happy to lend her name to our efforts.

In true Kiwi fashion, Lucy ended up being one of the most generous celebrities involved, not only offering a dinner date to the highest bidder, but donating an iconic Michael Parekowhai artwork that has hung in her home since the early days of Xena: Warrior Princess. "I think we will fill the space with some family photos now, but it is heartbreaking to see [it] go", Lucy said.

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The auctions finished on 22 September 2011...

ImageDinner With Lucy Lawless

The bidding war was frenzied as the three bidders went head to head for the prize of dinner with Lucy Lawless. What made it more nerve wracking for the bidders was that the CharityBuzz auction site reset the timer back to 9 minutes remaining on the countdown clock.

Every time someone bid, it was reset which must have driven the bidders totally crazy. When the dust settled and the winner emerged $12,500 was the winning bid for a dinner with Lucy Lawless.

Congratulations to JudeH for winning the dinner!


ImageYou're My Best Friend, Photographic Prints by Michael Parekowhai

You're My Best Friend, Photographic Prints by Michael Parekowhai which Lucy bought with her first Xena pay packet didn't quite have the last frenetic bidding as the dinner but it jumped from the overnight bid of $10,500 and it jumped to $22,000 where it eventually sold.

Congratulations to Nilgiri for winning the artwork!

At the end of the day both bidders won but Greenpeace was the biggest winner. Lucy generated $34,500 for the Rainbow Warrior III. Greenpeace sent out a news update that they were on target to get $90,000 but I suspect that is going to be much higher now.

Find out more why Lucy was auctioning herself and the other items by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Rainbow Warrior III Subsite

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