Image2011 is coming to a close and it's been quite a year. Here are some of the interesting things that happened on AUSXIP in the course of the year. The highlight for me (in a year chock full of highlights) is AUSXIP's 15th birthday and the support I have received from my very loyal sidekicks Roger and Lori. Added to the mix was Lucy's active role in sending messages / pics throughout the year for various events and the wonderful interview she gave for the 15th Anniversary. Renee came to the 15th Anniversary party with a fantastic third interview with AUSXIP. Lots of good stuff happened in 2011 and some sadness as well. We lost some Xenites and a Thracian warrior, Andy Whitfield.

What's coming up in 2012? I can pretty much guarantee that AUSXIP will be around for another year. We will be live blogging the Final Journey Convention, The 6th AUSXIP Charity Auction will be held on 21-28 March 2012 and a whole bunch of other cool things which we don't know about yet.

May you all have an absolutely awesome end of year party and let's hope 2012 is all that you wish for and more.

Below is the highlights of the AUSXIP Year.





  • AUSXIP Lesley-Ann Brandt fan site merges with Official Site


  • It was generally a quiet month ausxip related but lots of updates


  • MaryD head to New Zealand and meets up with Starship; awesome bunch with new CEO Brad Clark!
  • Lucy graciously signs a whole bunch of stuff for the new AUSXIP Charity Auction in 2012. Quite a few are incredible for Xena fans and Sparty fans.
  • Viva Bianca and Katrina Law also contribute some incredible for those in the AUSXIP Charity Auction 21-28 March 2012!
  • The 2012 Xena Convention Page added - The Final Journey
  • AUSXIP Noir is born! AUSXIP Noir is Rob Tapert's new show on the Starz Network coming in 2012.
  • AUSXIP TV Zone is now live (and will have a very short life)
  • AUSXIP Viva Bianca is merged to become The Official Viva Bianca Site


  • Official Campbell Cooley Site is born! Campbell appeared in Xena, Legend of the Seeker and now Spartacus. Long overdue site.
  • AUSXIP Reporter Lori interviews Katrina Law, Liam McIntyre and Manu Bennett at Comic Con (hysterical "interview". Lori lost complete control and it became a fun free for all between the three castmates. Lori gave up trying to control or ask question. Watch here: Part 1 and Part 2
  • I go insane during Comic Con (well more insane than normal). That was one very busy weekend and wish the Sparty kids would all go home and stop giving interviews.



  • Andy Whitfield passes away and AUSXIP Andy Whitfield is now a tribute site
  • Lucy Lawless sends message about Andy's passing and details on how to help Andy's family with the Andy Whitfield Trust Fund
  • Starship Spring Clean Auction Watch
  • AUSXIP Supports Lucy Lawless Feel The Love Week
  • AUSXIP Frog Committee buys Lucy's Archey's Frog for Greenpeace and the print is donated to Starship




See you in 2012!!