Lucy was on NZ Breakfast TV this morning talking about Starship. She was at Parnell Pools which had a gold coin donation ($1 or $2 coin) entry into the pools and the money went to Starship.

From their website:
Lucy Lawless
Actor and Starship Trustee, Lucy Lawless, joins us to tell us about her work with the child's hospital.



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AUSXIP Reporter Jo sent in the following highlights:

* Lucy talked about the community goodwill funding about Starship that without it they wouldn't have the MRI machines or CAT scan or any other equipment which was bought by Starship

* The Starship Christmas Party was on yesterday and Lucy attended. Lucy mentioned Ruby, the young cancer survivor who has gone on to design t-shirts and fundraises for Starship.

* She was asked what she was doing professionally (?!). Lucy talked about working on Spartacus and she was going to be promoting the show in January.

* Asked her about her Christmas plans and Lucy and the family are off to New Caledonia because her husband is an avid fisherman.

* Lucy is busy with sports days and real life stuff of being a mum.

* Lucy mentioned she loved being back to Parnell Pools, it brought back alot of childhood memories for her. She remembers being dropped off in the morning and picked up at 5 pm. "Forget Disneyland, come to Parnell Pools"

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