Genre icon Lucy Lawless has amassed plenty of experience wielding swords and other symbols of empowerment. Yet, as the deliciously wicked and sexually voracious Lucretia, Lawless is relishing the chance to unleash a persona that is an unrepentant force of nature.

Find out what the warrior princess truly loves about being the queen of the arena in this first part of a three-part series with the stars and creative team behind the provocative sword and sandals hit, Spartacus. Proving you can never keep a bad girl down, only a character as maleficent as the nefarious Lucretia in Spartacus could survive being pierced in her womb.

One of many operatic high notes in a series that has ripped open the envelope of mainstream entertainment, the epic rebellion that is Spartacus has spread to become a pop culture sensation. Sure, the show's unparalleled depiction of graphic violence and sexuality is enough to pique the interest of the casual viewer. Yet, audiences are staying in great numbers to relish this decadent vision of life in ancient Rome in part to see what the imperious Lucy Lawless will do next.

As the infamous Lucretia, often the instigator for some of the show's most jaw-dropping moments, only a woman like Lawless could rival the muscle-bound hunks enslaved by the gladiators' arena. So, how does such a delicious villain escape the sharp point of fate?

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