Yes I have plagerised Star Trek's Tasha Yar. I love that holodeck eulogy so I'm using it (since my fandoms collided at the con..might as well go with the theme)

The 2012 Xena Convention is over and it was my final convention despite what Creation may or may not do next year. I suspect this the last convention for many other folks judging by the chatter.

Here are the photos from the final day

Image-25On stage yesterday afternoon, Renee started the proceedings by being funny, cheeky, just beautiful. She chatted with us and shows us her 5 Ways to Break Up which was funny. Renee talked about how her life has changed and that fans were with her all the step of the way; her marriage, the birth of her children, her divorce, her re-marriage and her projects.

Image-26We then had Lucy come on stage with a giant flower on her jacket. She was fabulous; energetic and just plain funny.

Sharon set Lucy up by asking her about the OccupyOakland "arrest" and asked her how it came about, what she did and so forth. This was the cue for Angela from the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club to stand up at the back and yell out "I got your shoe!" and then another 4 people (chosen earlier) to stand up and say "I got your shoe!" and then everyone who had prepared and had shoes all stood up yelling "I got your shoe!" :) THAT was funny. The shoes were donated to a homeless shelter which was mega cool.

Image-27At one point a "fan" kept at her about Roman history that we all groaned that a con virgin was taking the scenic route to her question. We had alot of con virgins in the audience and they were so cute.

Back to the persistent con virgin we realised (after Lucy figured it out after a lengthy question) that it was Ellen Hollman from Spartacus Vengeance. 

I recently interviewed Ellen for the AUSXIP Interviews Spartacus series of interviews. It was cool to see her there. The interview will be up soon.

Ellen will soon be seen as Saxa, the new female warrior / gladiator

Image-31-smallRenee soon joined Lucy back on stage and they answered some questions before someone convinced them both that they should do the Gabrielle proposing to Xena bit of Katherine's play. Lucy had NO IDEA what was going on but she did it with Renee (Renee had performed this the previous day as Gabrielle so this wasn't new to her). It was funny! Lucy adlibbed and made really funny comments.

So Gabrielle (Renee) gets to the part about "will you marry me" - Lucy makes a face and then does something all the subtexters (really do I need to use that word anymore? ah well) have been waiting for. Let the pictures speak for themselves


AFter that wonderful moment, our dynamic duo said goodbye...and thus ended The Final Journey Convention

One last thing to do and that was Lucy's Photo Op. The line stretched outside the building - there was well over 250 people who were lined up and they got their wish.

I said farewell to my friends I have met and loved throughout the years. I did not say goodbye; just farewell until we meet again. When? I have no idea but it will happen.

so I'm going to end this blog with Tasha's words:

No goodbyes...just good memories.

Hailing Frequencies Closed & Battle ON!


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