"Spartacus: Vengeance" is about to return with it's third season and a new star. After star Andy Whitfield's battle with cancer, the role of Spartacus was re-cast with Liam McIntyre. He's taken over the role with a passion and we got to hear about his experience at the Winter Press Tour in Pasadena, CA. Along with McIntyre, Lucy Lawless and show runner Steven DeKnight let us in on secrets from Season 3.

Before his death, Whitfield gave his blessing to McIntyre, telling him that this is "a family." McIntyre, who had to train for months before they let him know he had the part, said that it really is and that he'd be embraced by the cast. "It's probably the saddest thing I've ever had to be part of. From the start, I was able to tackle the role ... he made his choice to get better," said McIntyre. He said he'd never seen a sadder producer than the day they told the cast about Andy's passing.

On a happier note, we have some incredibly impressive stunts and set pieces to look forward to this year.It all starts with an impressive slaughter scene in a brothel in the first episode. DeKnight said, "In the writers' room, we had the title, 'Brothel attack.' You just can't go wrong with a title like that." We were treated to a scene from episode 5 where the rebels set a fire underneath the arena and the entire thing collapses, killing hundreds. Oh, and there are intestines pulled out of someone's guts. We love this show! McIntyre does too, calling himself a fan boy. He said, "The first four months there wasn't a moment that I didn't smile incredulously at the opportunity I had."

Lawless told the crowd that Lucretia has some major torment coming her way. ""Buckets of bloody torment," she said. Still, Lucretia isn't going to fall apart. She said, "Somebody falls in love with Lucretia. In the end, all her dreams come true. She enters into a relationship with someone she never noticed before." We can't wait to see who that is. Anyone want to speculate? But don't worry. She's still the crazy woman we know and love. She called character a "softer, gentler Lucretia." The crowed laughed and she replied, "That's not funny. For about 2 seconds, she is."