ImageMembers of the cast(Lucy, Liam, Peter, Viva) took part in a conference call with press today. Here's some of the tweets sent out during it:

From @CorrinaLawson:

Illythia & Lucretia have a "very fraught relationship," "closer than season 1"

who is illythia baby daddy? Lawless: Lucretia w/a turkey baster. :)

"all that lovely humanity that spartacus struggled w/last season is still there." Liam

Viva: this show--karma bites everyone in the ass. There's going to be a real journey for her in s2

Lucy: "nudity is inhibiting.."

"to this day, don't understand how one man unified so many diverse characters for a cause." Liam

From @NicoleWakelin

The cast just called Lucy Lawless "a proper girlie-girl" who wants no part of the stinky fighting scenes. Bahaha! #spartacus

Cast Consensus: pants are over rated. #spartacus

Lucy "We're kind of making a movie every week." #spartacus